Sunday, June 9, 2013


I think my kids are funny.

Obviously, I'm biased. But come on...

Wearing pants on your head? That's funny stuff... I don't care who you are. 

Truly, they make me laugh constantly. Well, at least when they aren't making me cry. :)

Case in point, I found Chilli tidying up a mess of crushed goldfish crackers on the living room floor... in this, ahem, manner:
But who doesn't enjoy a good cleaning whist wearing nothing but one's Easter Sandals and a bow in one's hair. 

This same day I found 81 "selfies"of the child on my phone. 
 No, I'm not exaggerating. 81.

Vain much?

Sassy, ever the project master, has been making costumes for her siblings. This morning they were playing hospital and Chilli toddled out of the play room in this little number.

 According to her, she and the rabbit are apparently "nurseries" ... not to be confused with "nurses".

In other recent Sassy creations, she drew this for me the other day.

What? You can't tell what that is? Really, come on? 

It is obviously a dog turd on our green and white striped rug. 

Yes friends, this is how she informed me that the dog had done her business in our house. 

Gross... yet, strangely effective.