Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Let me dust off this ol' blog here.

I haven't been very consistent lately have I?

Sadly, we had a death in the family last week. A very tragic and unexpected death of my husband's uncle Kevin.

Brent's dad was one of 7 brothers. Our extended family is a close knit crew for such a large clan. This is the 3rd brother who has passed at an early age in the past few years and it has been a difficult season to say the least. Though we do grieve for the loss of uncle Kevin and certainly for his beautiful wife Vickie and daughter Cecily, we find comfort in knowing that he is with his Savior - he loved Jesus and his life reflected that in so many ways.

We spent the weekend with the family and despite the horrible circumstances, we were able to celebrate and remember Kevin's life and enjoyed our time with family. Our children of course loved all the attention they received from aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.

Needless to say, we have been a bit preoccupied around here.

Brent is finishing up his last week at Camp All-American. It has been a good summer, but physically draining for him, so I am glad that things will be wrapping up this week. It's hard to believe, but over 9000 kids attended camp this summer! I truly love how this camp serves the community in such a tangible way. And I love even more that children and families are exposed to the Gospel - in a way that is so relational and with long-term intentionality.

So, as things wind down with camp, our plan is to head to the beach the following week for a little R&R.

I cannot wait to go to the beach... but I have to say, I am mentally preparing myself for the fact that it may not be the respite I picture in my mind.

As one friend said... it's funny because it is true.

I know we'll have a blast... and for those moments when things are feeling a bit out of control, I'll just take some mental notes so I can share the experience with you via blog land... because misery loves company, right!?

I'll leave you with these angelic pictures of my littles...

Because this is pretty much how they behave all the time never.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Africa Hot

It has been Africa hot in Atlanta the past few weeks.

This heat wave has not however discouraged my children from wearing seasonally inappropriate pajamas. In the summer we prefer our footed-pjs... in the winter, we like the shorts.

I seriously don't understand.

But it is true...We like our pjs 'round here. In fact, we often like to wear multiple pairs throughout the day.

We go to bed with one set on.

We wake up and don another pair.

Oh, it's nap/rest time? Let's put on our "jammers"

After rest one afternoon, I noticed my boy romping around in the yard in a pair of fleece, full-length, fire engine pajamas.

Did I mention that is is Africa hot?

Not only was the boy wearing this cozy get up, but he had slipped into some stylish hot pink leopard rubber boots to pull the whole outfit together. 

In his defense, I believe he went out to check on my tomatoes.

Which continue to be green.

Except for when they are about to turn perfectly red and some devil squirrel eats them.

I loathe squirrels.

Anywho. While I was out snapping this photo, Chilli managed to get into Sassy's paint.

And eat it. 


All of them.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Not to be confused with "Where's Waldo"

Ah, grocery shopping with littles.

Always a delight.

Well, maybe not always.

However, I did have a fairly successful trip this week with only one of my brood in tote. Miss Sassy was my personal shopper this week. And a fine shopper she was.

We made all the usual stops...

The requisite cookie from the bakery.

The visit to the lobster tank.

The all important cereal selection.

Picking up some donuts in the toilet bowl cleaner isle.
uh... check?

No, we didn't buy them.

Heck, I didn't even see them, but you know who did don't you?!


She has some mad donut radar.

Anyway, odd place for someone to have second thoughts about putting donuts in their cart though dontcha think?

Well, then again maybe not.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The worm

We Curls are not known for our dancing abilities.

It's not that I don't want to be a good dancer...

... but sadly, I am pretty much Elaine.
Unfortunately, I fear that my daughter has inherited my mad bad dancin' skills.

Upon watching Madagascar 2 during our weekly "movie night" she informed me that she wanted to do "the worm," just like Alex the lion.

And worm she did.

Well, sorta.