Friday, October 28, 2011

'Fess up Friday

What more could I possibly have to confess this week?! It has been a doozy!

Let me see what I can rustle up though.

Make sure to check out Kira's blog - Kissing the Joy as it Flies - for more confession worthy material.

I was over visiting Susan's photography blog - Short on Words - and she had an idea to share a list of things that you don't do. She suggested that it might tell as much about you as a list of things you do. Let me give this a try as a means of the Friday Confessional:

I don't...
1. Worry about my kids getting dirty and wet.

2. Play with my food. But I have been know to take pictures of it and assign it to people's contact profile on my phone.
I see this every time the hubs calls.

This is a recent addition and has yet to be assigned. Any takers?

3. Do laundry often enough.

4. Read non-fiction books very often. Typically only under duress or because I am in a book study group. I usually get a lot out of them, but I just prefer a good fiction book.

5. Go to the movies at the theater.

6. Brush Mr. Jenkin's hair often enough.

7. Exercise (in the traditional sense) nearly enough.

8. Count my calories. Clearly. 

9. Keep my Tupperware organized.

10. Eat with my kids very often. I sit with them and hang out while they eat. But find actually eating with them pretty miserable at this stage.

11. Get too uptight about what my kids wear.

12. Have any cute jeans that fit me right now.

13. Function well in the morning.

14. Bake. But I do eat what other people bake. Please refer to #8 and more importantly, #12.

15. Respond well when "put on the spot" in group settings. I require time to think about things before responding.

16. Count on my "good works" for salvation. Though at times I forget this.

17. Succeed in keeping the swagger wagon clean.

18. Sew. But I wish I did.

19. Check the mail.

20. Maintain my closet's orderliness.

I'd love to hear some of he things you "don't" do! Feel free to share, and have a great weekend doing whatever you do (or don't) do!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pizza Pizza

I went to Costco with the kids again today.

Why do I do this to myself?

Actually, the shopping experience wasn't horrible. It was the post check out that almost did us in.

I had bribed promised the kids a slice of pizza at the conclusion of our shopping trip so I rolled my big ol' cart through the hordes of people and placed my order. I handed my Amex to the man and he looked at me and said, "cash only."

Oh yeah.

He informed me that I would have to go back to the cashiers and have them ring up a slice of pizza and then return with the receipt.


So, I wheel my beast of a cart back through the masses to the incredibly busy check out lines. As I look desperately for a cashier who can just ring up this one blasted thing for me, I notice that Sassy has laid a triple pack of ground beef over her like a blanket, and Mr. Jenkins is attempting to wrestle it from her so he can have a turn "tucking himself in."

I am confident that there is going to be a ground meat disaster momentarily.

I finally catch the eye of an employee at the "merchandise pick up station" and plead for him to ring up my pizza slice. I hand him my Costco and Amex cards and he rings it up. I thank him, grab the receipt and make my way back into the food area, which is now nothing short of a mob of people and overflowing carts. I wait in line with the kids now drumming on the Kettle Chips bag like it is a drum and squealing as they "rock out" to their beat.

My little wild Indians.

I get up and hand the guy my receipt and he asks, "Did you call ahead for this? It is going to take about 10 minutes."

Say What?! For a dadgum slice of pizza?

"Ma'am, you paid for a whole pizza. If you just want the slice I can give it to you now, but you'll have to go back to the cashier and have them credit you for the difference."



So, once again, I head back through the throngs of people with a slice of pizza in one hand, maneuvering the beastly cart with the other hand whilst Sassy and Jenkins perform some sort of tribal dance on my ground beef and Chilli beats her head against my chest in the Ergo.

Someone get me out of here!

The Costco employee who rang me up for the whole pizza must have thought I was cute seen the sweat running down my face and the crazy look in my eyes because after taking my cards again and reversing the transaction, he ended up just comping my pizza slice.

Bless his heart.

I'm not saying it was worth it, but at least I got a free slice of pizza out of the ordeal.

Enough about that.
Did I tell you that my mother has been out of town for the past two weeks. Just having mom gone for  two short weeks has once again reminded me how fortunate I am to have family near by. I am truly in awe of all you people who raise your kids without family near by or available to lend a hand.

Anyway, not only did mom desert me go out of town, but she left her ancient, incontinent dog with me. Cricket is an adorable little beast, but she is deaf and blind and totally unreliable in the potty department.

The worst thing is that she stirs up something in my dog that causes Lola to compete with her in some kind of sick battle of incontinence. My dog does not have accidents in the house unless Cricket is here...but for the past three mornings I have been greeted with their leavings when I come down stairs in the morning.

I already have enough poop to deal with in my life. These dogs are putting me over the edge.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011


So, is it just me, or do you think Jillian Michaels might be a little evil?
I guess I'm pathetic, but workout #1 on the 30 Day Shred was not a piece of cake for me today folks. The best part of the work out may have been when I did jumping jacks to the kitchen to pre-heat the oven for my lunch.

Oh yes, I did.

The workout was certainly not fun, but, I did it. And that was the goal, right?

Baby steps.

Baby steps people.

This morning I mentioned to Sassy that I needed to do "my exercise" and the sweet thing said she would do it with me. I honestly didn't think much about it until she got up from rest time and asked if I was ready to do my exercise.

Say what?!

There was no way that I was going to do it again, but I didn't want to "deprive" her of the experience. So, I turned on Jillian again and watched/helped Sassy through the workout. She actually kept it up for much longer than I anticipated.

My massive 3 lb weights were a little heavy for her, so she used princesses instead.

At one point, Chilli wanted in on the action.
After a while though, she was ready for her snack. I found it rather funny when she said to me, "I'm gonna sit and eat my snack and just watch that girl do the exercises."

I think she may be on to something.

So, I had a crafty moment yesterday. I had seen this idea on the Crafting Chicks Blog several months ago and had even gone so far as to purchase a frame from Goodwill and some fabric from Hobby Lobby. But, after that, I kinda stalled out.

Anyway, I have been frustrated by a lack of gratefulness in my kids lately. Some days it just seems that they lack the appreciation I desire for them to have for all that we are blessed with in this life. As with most things, I am sure this is yet another area where my own sin has trickled down. It is my earnest desire to demonstrate a thankful spirit, but I know I complain, gripe, whine, and throw temper tantrums... but I just do so in a more "sophisticated" manner than my kids. Usually. Anyway, I decided it would be good for all of us to "Count our Blessings" and thought this might be a fun way to do it and keep a list in front of us.

Here is the picture/frame I got from Goodwill:

I know. I know. It was tempting to just keep this picture "as is" because I am uber into smoke-billowing river boats. But, instead I did this:

I wrote on the glass with "bistro" markers that I got from Hobby Lobby. As I understand it from the Crafting Chicks, the bistro marker is key if you want to write on the glass and be able to read it.

I intended for Sassy and me to come up with the list together today, but every time I tried to talk to her about it, she wasn't really interested. The only item I could get her to share was, dog food.


So, I wrote down some of the things I am thankful for and that I know she has told me she is thankful for on days when she has not been fixated on dog food.
Anyway, the plan is to erase and make new lists from time to time. I think we'll also use it for memory verses and other things that we want to keep in front of us.

Do you have any good ideas for keeping an "attitude of gratitude" and helping to foster that value in your children as well? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Monday, October 24, 2011

No apples, but plenty of muffin tops

Brent worked a ropes course this weekend, so he took some time off today and we decided to head to Ellijay to see if there were any apples left to pick.

There were not.

However, we still had a great day, and we still got a peck of apples. We just didn't get to pick them ourselves.

After not picking our apples, we found a playground and let the kids play for a while before getting back in the car for the long drive home. 

On the way home we stopped at a BBQ restaurant that we love.

Once again I was reminded that it is better to not eat out than to eat out with kids.

The perfect storm of projectile-vomiting-baby and toddler-freak-out hit shortly after the food arrived. I was also alone at the table because Sassy "had to go potty." We were at one of those round corner booths and I found myself trapped between the puking baby on one side and a vacated booster seat on the other as Jenkins started flipping out over the fact that Sassy and Daddy had left the table.

He started yelling, "I ALL DONE!!! PLEASE BE EXCUSE!! PLEASE BE EXCUSE!!!" I felt rather ineffective scooting my rear end around the other 3/4 of the booth with a booster seat in hand, whilst doing that creepy clenched teeth talking thing that you learn how to do once you are a mom.

I proceeded to simultaneously wrestle with Jenkins and comfort screaming barfy baby for an eternity a few minutes waiting for Brent and Sassy to return. Finally, I made my escape from the restaurant carrying a screaming Jenkins under one arm and the 19 lb baby in the car seat on the other.

Honestly, I should be skinny for all the weight lifting I do. Why do I still sport the muffin top? Why the chins and arm jiggle?


I know it is vanity.

Well, vanity and lack of discipline in my case. I really want to be skinny, but I really don't want to stop eating what I want to eat. I don't have the love for exercise either. Maybe I never keep up the habit long enough to get to that "endorphin experience" you skinny people claim exists.

I mostly feel dread, pain, agony, and exhaustion.

At what point does this start to change?!

Ok... I have made an impromptu decision ... During the kid's nap time tomorrow, I will do Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred work out DVD.


Perhaps putting this in the blog will keep me accountable.



Sunday, October 23, 2011

Basil Fiasco 2011 - Crisis Averted

I am back for a quick report on Basil Fiasco 2011.

I know all 3 of my readers have been wondering about this all day, so I am pleased to report that Mrs. Bone came to my rescue and loaned me her food processor.

Holla Mrs. Bone.

Now, back to the food processor. That sucker rocks! I never registered for one when we got married because I pretty much only cooked canned soup and mac n cheese and you don't really need a food processor for those delicacies.

I am now coveting one of my very own.

 Sweet, sweet Cuisinart.

Okay, enough about that. Let me just tell you that my house is a disaster. I was attempting to clean the kitchen this afternoon, and surely you know that this is a nearly impossible task to accomplish whilst the littles are present.

Consequently, I sent them outside with Popsicles.

And consequently, they did this.
Things to note:
1. Half naked toddler. What in the world happened to his shirt?
2. Flinging of popcicle components with stick and hands
3. Smearing of popcicle on table and clothes.

I watched Mr. Jenkins chase this gum ball (formerly Popcicle Batman's eye) across the porch and then pop it in his mouth.

5 second rule?

Anyway, I scooted them into the bath and returned to the porch to wash away what was left of Batman.

When I came back into the house to get another pitcher of water, I heard squealing and shrieking and discovered that the kids had pulled the "shower" valve on the bath faucet and they were getting themselves (and a considerable portion of my bathroom) soaked.

Little rascals.

I wanted to be mad at them, but then when they were doing their post-bath streaking, and then their pajama dances, they were so dang cute that I forgave them.

Honestly, I am having a really hard time with how fast these years are going. Of course there are days when I long for them to be a bit more independent (and perhaps less messy!), but lately, I have been trying to cherish my time with them.

I hope you had a great Sabbath with your families, it really was a nice (albeit messy) day at the Curl house.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

A late entry

Stop the press!

We have another contender for the Curl Family outfit of the week category.

I know what you are thinking. What could possibly beat out this little number?:

I am sure you find this hard to believe, but Sassy was wearing something odd today.

Ahh yes. Going for the Russian Babushka look are we?

Here's a side view:

She was quite committed to the scarf for most of the morning.

My mother has been known to recount a similar fashion choice that I made in my early childhood years. She tells this blatant lie story that I supposedly wore a "kerchief" to school for a week during second grade.

I have no idea what she is talking about.

In other news, the hubs has been systematically deconstructing our back deck. He has grandiose plans about which I wish I could feign more excitement. Don't get me wrong, I'm very excited about the finished product... but not so much the process, and I am not a very good sounding board.

Most of our conversations regarding the porch go something like this:
Brent: Honey, what do you think about a pergola for the porch?
Me: What's a pergola?

The progress on the deck has meant saying goodbye to the Summer garden. It will be relocated to a container bed he built for me.

He is such a stud.

So, I harvested the basil and several green tomatoes today before pulling everything up. Here is my bounty:

I'm excited to cook up some fried green tomatoes.

Yes, I am from the South and we do actually eat such things.

I got the basil all prepped to make pesto only to discover that my blender/food processor is broken.

Well, to be honest, I discovered the broken blender while trying to blend some frozen margaritas tonight.

Don't worry... they tasted just fine on the rocks.
Thank you for asking.

However... I am distraught about the basil situation. What should I do? I have it "de-stemmed", washed and drying on towels in the kitchen. Can I freeze it and make my pesto batch at a later date? If anyone knows... please advise!


Friday, October 21, 2011

'Fess Up Friday

Mr. Jenkins "finger painted" my coffee table with peanut butter.

Why was the peanut butter accessible to him you ask?

Well, I'm sure it wasn't because I was scooping globs of peanut butter onto mini Hershey bars and stuffing my face.

Surely not.

Poor tricker-treaters... at the rate I am eating candy, there will not be any left for the little goblins.


There are a few contenders for "outfit of the week" at the Curl household:

Exhibit A:

Things to note: Mr. Jenkins is wearing a "tool belt" (which he has taken to napping in!) and some awesome "moon boots" (not visible in this photo). Sassy is sporting some mittens because the child is either running around in just her skivvies or ridiculously bundled.

However, the winner could not be denied.
Yes... we wore this outfit in the driveway trying to ride our bike. When I said, "please put some shoes on so that you don't scuff up your feet," I wasn't expecting the Elmo slippers.

Also, if it is not readily apparent... she favors the color purple.


We went to Chick-fil-a for family night on Tuesday. This is somewhat ironic because Tuesday is the night that Brent has his seminary class, so we weren't really there as a family, as much as we were there for the "free kid's meal"... oh and face painting!

It was a bit of an adventure (as it usually is when you are outnumbered 3 to 1), but to complicate matters it was pouring rain and the kids still wanted to play on the playground. In general, I don't care too much about my kids getting messy and wet...perhaps this is why I have peanut butter smeared on my coffee table, so I let them play and get soaked.

It was however slightly embarrassing when we came back inside and my children dripped and slogged through the restaurant leaving a trail of wetness in their wake.


We were almost out the door when Sassy saw the face painting. *sigh*

By the grace of God and a full bag of Annie's Bunny Grahams, we survived the 20 minute wait to get her face painted.

For the sake of the children still waiting in line, I made her sit on a food tray as a means to keep the seat dry. She was seriously, seriously wet.

Check out Kira's blog for other fun 'fess ups!

Well, that's all I've got for now...
Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nothin' says fall like a pen of baby bunnies

Ahhh... Fall.

Cooler weather, long sleeves, hearty soups and stews, vibrant leaves on hardwoods... baby bunnies.


But apparently so.

I took the kids to a little pumpkin patch today to get our requisite jack o' lanterns and they had a bunny pen (that you could enter for the low, low price of $2/child).

The kids loved it!

The bunnies were super tame, and dare I say, "friendly". Several bounced right up to the kids and this one "kissed" Mr. Jenkins' knee.

It made him happy.

The bunnies were in fact for sale. On some level I was actually tempted by the thought of friendly bunnies as pets. But then I texted Brent so he could make me see reason...
I need a "friendly bunny" like I need a hole in my head.

Mr. Jenkins was very helpful unwilling to let anyone else pull the wagon.
He was also unwilling to wear his jacket.
And it was quite blustery.
At least I managed to get socks on him.
Socks and Keen sandals look hot.

I would have taken more pictures of Chilli and Sassy, but I was "wearing" Chilli in the Ergo, and Sassy was not being particularly photogenic cooperative.
But at least she was having fun!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Three Little Pumpkins

So the kids and I made some little construction paper pumpkins yesterday.

I was so proud of Sassy's completed design. I cut the shapes based completely on her direction (she can be rather opinionated!) and she pasted everything on. She also had the idea to make her pumpkin a "girl" pumpkin by adding the "prickly things" (A.K.A. eyelashes).

Mr Jenkins was more into an abstract rendering of a pumpkin.
I totally love it too!

I made one quickly for Charli and we had a complete set:
Did you know that we are very classy types around here and that we often partake in "high tea"?

Not really.

We are not classy nor is our tea "high"... or even tea for that matter.

But we do have a tea set that Grammy brought us from her trip to London and it has provided us with much joy and entertainment.

Here is a recent tea party:

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lovin' my littles

Do you ever take a picture of your kid hoping to get the "cute shot" but instead, it just keeps getting weirder...
...and weirder

...and sillier

...and stranger

...and just flat out bizarre
Yeah. Me neither.

Do you ever worry that people are going to think you abuse your child because he is so scuffed up from his wild boy shenanigans?

Yeah. Me neither.

Have I told you about Sassy's affinity for making nests.

Every night she requires a "kitty nest".

What? Didn't you know that cats sleep in nests?

Well, at least Sassy Kitty does.

The nest is comprised of one of her special blankets spread out on her bed and a second special blanket draped over her, with her little kitty-self sandwiched in between.

Isn't that just the most high maintenance adorable thing you have every heard of?

Anywho. She has taken to making nests in other locations as well.

Yes, at the park my dear child stopped up the slide with a nest, complete with pine cone eggs.

Look at the proud little chicken.

I am also a proud little chicken. My little hatching is 9 months old! Can you believe it?

I love all of these littles.
I am so blessed!


Friday, October 14, 2011

Despicable Me

My sister lovingly told me that I have been a “slacker blogger” lately.

It’s true.

We’ve just been away on vacation at Panama City Beach for a week and with all the shenanigans required to get us from point A to point B and back again, it has been a bit nutso.

Don't worry though. Nothing has changed... my children are still wild Indians.

Last night, I found the following popcorn kernel...

...In Mr. Jenkins' NOSE!!
And “found” is not the correct word since it was lodged beyond sight and was only “found” via violent sneezing, crying, snorting, wailing, etc...

Chilli has also been putting things in her orifices.

Last week I found a googly eye in her diaper.

I guess we dodged a bullet with that one. Thank goodness it just passed on through and didn’t get caught up somewhere inside.

Despite all this madness, we had a great time at the beach.

Yes... there is a Sonic cup in the background. Don't judge.

Mr. Jenkins eating a sandy naner (banana)

Sassy and one of the 50 + hermit crabs she collected. Thank goodness she practiced "catch and release" fishing guidelines.

Mr. Jenkins took a special liking to one of the decorative items at the beach condo. He was dragging it around with him everywhere... out on the deck, on the couch to watch a movie, up to the bedroom. At some point I realized that he was calling it “Despicable Me”

I think he thought it was Mr. Gru!

What do you think?
I think it is the nose.

Today I am headed up to Ohio for work. I have an extremely flexible job that I am blessed to do from home most of the time, but this is one of the weeks when I have to be away. I left all three kids with my awesome mother in law and sister in law.

Pray for them.

And if you think of it, pray for me. I am nervous to give my presentation... and I am missing my munchkins mucho. I have never been away from Chilli for more than 4 hours since she was born so I am having some separation anxiety.

At least I have my breast pump to console me.