Thursday, May 30, 2013


Sassy has been in project mode. Thank you Sprout ipad app.

Honestly, I love it... but the urgent need to create immediately upon viewing Noodle and Doodle does make me slightly insane.

Sassy: Mommy. I want to make a dream catcher... All I need is some netting, paper plates, feathers, pipe cleaners, string, a hole punch, a stapler, glue and colored tissue paper.

Me: Is that all.

Seriously, the child hounded me for 3 solid days for a milk jug.

We had just returned from the beach. There was not a drop of milk in the house - much less a milk container. A grocery store trip was desperately needed but I was so overwhelmed by the magnitude of the shopping list that I couldn't muster the courage and stamina required for such an undertaking.

Consequently, my kids ate peanut butter quesadillas and dry cereal for dinner for a couple of nights, because weren't you listening?... no milk in the house.

Anyway, after I finally managed to drag myself to the grocery for what was an epic trip involving two carts... We eventually had a milk carton for the piggy bank project she'd been obsessed with.

I have to admit... it is kinda cute.

My favorite part - the pig has paws.

Clearly we are not familiar with the concept of hooves.

She informed me that since she now has the piggy bank, she will no longer have any use for her small coin purse wallet which she never rarely remembers to bring with her on shopping excursions. So, if you see a kid toting around a big plastic pig at the store, she probably belongs to me.


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hello Again.

Since it has been practically an eon since I last blogged, I will summarize a few of the highlights from the past few months in list format below:

1. I had a baby.

We call him Banjo... thanks to the Social Security office.

2. Sleep deprivation set in. 

We all got a bit grumpy.

This is Mr. Jenkins demonstrating how I feel when trying to function on tiny slivers of sleep. I think in this particular photo he may be revolting over something earth-shattering such as the unacceptable shape of the ketchup on his plate.

My children are extremely rational and reasonable creatures.

Even the primary source of sleep deprivation had a few grumpy moments. Um... are 2 month olds supposed to know how to scowl like that!?

3. We tried to do some fun family outings in the midst of a busy season.

Hiking in North Georgia

Trip to the Zoo
 Mr. Jenkins informed us that his favorite animals at the zoo were the "mangos".
Chilli asked to get out of the stroller at one point, and her place was quickly taken by a lazy 5 year old. Despite negotiations with the 5 year old, she was not able to regain her seat.

It worked out okay for Chilli in the end...

However, not so much for daddy.

4. We celebrated the resurrection of Christ.

We made some resurrection rolls.

 Which was a pretty good idea...

 ...But also a fairly epic fail on my part since they exploded in the baking process. 

Also, I'm pretty sure Chilli ate all of her Jesuses.

 But a few were salvageable enough to resemble the empty tomb.

There were many eggs and bunnies around our home during the weeks leading up to Easter.
We dyed eggs, we painted eggs, we cut out egg shapes and taped them on doors and mantles...we attached them to our scraggly hair.

There must not have been enough bunnies for Sassy's liking because she started making bunny masks for her non-bunny stuffed animals. 
Pictured here, Furby and Purple Kitty... bunny-style.

5. Brent, Banjo and I went to Chicago to run our sports ministry conference.

 Banjo was quite the office assistant.

6. Brent is running ropes courses and preparing for summer camp like a crazy man. 

Along with a team from Signature Research, he built this beast earlier this spring. It is called a Teams or "Tec" Course.

7.  The kids and I, along with my mom, dad, sister, soon-to-be-brother-in-law, and grandfather are currently at the Beach. 

It is Glo.ri.ous.

Well...Except for the fact that Brent isn't here. It was just too hard for him to get away with all the camp preparations and staff training that takes place this time of year.  I truly miss him terribly.

But we are trying to find a way to soldier on without him.

I promise I'll try to get back on the blog wagon and post more often.