Friday, June 29, 2012


We have many nick names at our house. Rarely are people or animals referred to by their given names.

I blame my family for this.

My family still calls me Bob to this day.

No, I am not joking.

We refer to my sister, Marissa, as Child.

She is 22.

What can I say? We are officially weird. As if there was any question prior to this moment.

Anyway, our sweet Chilli-Bean has developed quite the mullet which has given us some fodder in our search for a suitable nick name.

We kinda think she looks like a Thundercat.

When we say THUNDERCATS - she says,  "Hooooooooo!"
But although I see a resemblance with the coiffed hair and round cheeks, I think she is actually related to the Mercer Mayer Critters.

Do you see it?

So, here's the big question... what kind of animal are these critters... and what should Chilli's nickname be!?



  1. And the pennington dog named "cricket" was usually called "pig", although she was neither a cricket or a pig.
    This phrase has now passed to my family and our dogs are lovingly called "piggies".

  2. Wikipedia says the critters are hedgehogs or guinea pigs. I think Guinea would be a cute nickname if the kids can say it:)