Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Africa Hot

It has been Africa hot in Atlanta the past few weeks.

This heat wave has not however discouraged my children from wearing seasonally inappropriate pajamas. In the summer we prefer our footed-pjs... in the winter, we like the shorts.

I seriously don't understand.

But it is true...We like our pjs 'round here. In fact, we often like to wear multiple pairs throughout the day.

We go to bed with one set on.

We wake up and don another pair.

Oh, it's nap/rest time? Let's put on our "jammers"

After rest one afternoon, I noticed my boy romping around in the yard in a pair of fleece, full-length, fire engine pajamas.

Did I mention that is is Africa hot?

Not only was the boy wearing this cozy get up, but he had slipped into some stylish hot pink leopard rubber boots to pull the whole outfit together. 

In his defense, I believe he went out to check on my tomatoes.

Which continue to be green.

Except for when they are about to turn perfectly red and some devil squirrel eats them.

I loathe squirrels.

Anywho. While I was out snapping this photo, Chilli managed to get into Sassy's paint.

And eat it. 


All of them.


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