Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Arduous journey

We went on a walk the other night.

We walk in our neighborhood from time to time, but this evening's walk was an improvised Advent activity as we read about Mary and Joseph making the long journey to Bethlehem.

As I mentioned... I can make pizza about Jesus... so making a walk around our neighborhood about an arduous journey to a stable with a very pregnant lady on a donkey is a piece of cake:

A loop around our neighborhood with 3 kids = arduous
Stable = playground
Very pregnant lady = me
Donkey = bad dog
And no, I didn't ride the dog... but she is a stubborn piece of work and quite comparable to a donkey I'm sure.

Anyway, Chilli bean provided much comic relief along our "arduous" journey.

See this?
I know not what it is. But it's probably something electric that you are not supposed to touch.

And this is of course why I turned around to see Chilli sitting upon it...

... announcing that she was going pee pee in the potty.


Because she tried to potty in our neighbors yard is a slow walker, she eventually was carried on daddy's shoulders for a while. However, she made it exceptionally challenging for Brent to walk.

I mean, sight is so over-rated.

See... I told you it was an arduous journey.


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  1. Oh this made me laugh out loud! I love reading your family stories! Miss you guys!