Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I don't really think the following would technically qualify as an "adventure" per se, but I thought I was clever with the title.

So let's just go with it.



I thought I'd post another Advent activity from the past few weeks. Again... we really don't follow much of a specific plan... other than trying to make sure we are talking a lot about Jesus, having fun, and usually consuming some chocolate.

You know... the key essentials to life.

We typically light our advent candles and read from the Bible too... but we are working with some pretty short non-existent attention spans and I try to keep open flames out of reach under normal circumstances.

Anyway, a few nights back, we read from Luke 2 about the shepherds who came to visit the baby Jesus. The kids were unfamiliar with the shepherd role, as it is not too common place in our culture these days. It was fun to talk a little bit about shepherds, sheep, and ultimately the Good Shepherd.

Then things got silly.

Brent proceeded to show them the way that shepherds sometimes carried their sheep.

They thought it was awesome.

After carting them around on his shoulders for a bit he'd fling them on the couch and they'd kick their legs and "bleat" for him to pick them up again.

Lola did not so much enjoy this Advent activity.

She's more of a goat than a sheep anyway.


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