Thursday, February 19, 2015

Dumb and Dumber with a Chocolate Goatee

I think all my children are beautiful.

I mean, I know I'm biased an all... but come on?!

photo credit - Deedee Spangler

photo credit - Deedee Spangler

photo credit - Deedee Spangler

This one here is a real heart breaker.

Of course, he is often confused for a beautiful little girl.

I know it is my fault because I like keeping his hair long. But all you mommies out there know:

Once you cut the curls off, they never come back.

Well, finally, after a day in which he was referred to as "such a precious little girl" by multiple people, I did cut the boy's locks. They took 5 inches but he still had a few curls left and left a good amount of length.

A "surfer cut" they called it.

Brent felt it was a poor effort.

I felt it was a compromise.

However, the pretty little girl comments continued and both he and his brother were beginning to look a little shaggy last week, so I took them for hair cuts.

And now he looks like dumb and dumber.

Brent. I hope you are happy. I blame you for this. ;)


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