Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Replacement Hamster

For Sassy's 6th birthday we gave in to her unending request for a pet and got her two "used hamsters" complete with cage, bedding and food all for the low low price of $10 courtesy of Craig's List.

Gotta love the Craig's List.

Anywho... she was very happy.

I'm not sure the hamsters were.

And I was definitely not happy when one escaped and took up residence under our oven where she must have spent most of her time peeing and fashioning the oven insulation material into a fluffy hamster nest.  

I wish this was smellevision so you could experience the putrid, overwhelming, stench of hamster urine wafting through our home any time we needed to bake. 

So. Gross.

Alas, that hamster is long gone. However, the nicer, less-crafty hamster remained with us until she passed about a month ago.

R.I.P Mini.

Ever since her passing, Sassy has been begging for another pet. 

Still a bit scarred from hamster #1, Brent and I were reluctant, but we gave in this weekend after Sassy conducted research on various furry critters and determined that a gerbil might be a good fit for the family. 

Our main criteria was that the animal would fit in our current cage and that if at all possible it could be a desensitized animal that was accustomed to much handling and noise so that it might not totally freak out by the zealous affections of our children. 

Allow me to introduce you to Daisy.

She met neither of these conditions. 

She is a failure. 

And a slob.

She also now has a new glass palace in which to hide from our children. 


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