Friday, November 27, 2015


I was talking to a friend the other day and casually mentioned, "You know how you go to the bank to get lollipops for your kids?"

And she was like, "Huh?"

ME: "Uh, yeah. Isn't that a thing? Don't you go to the bank and get a lollipop for your kids?"

FRIEND: "Well, if I go to the bank to make a transaction and I have my kids with me and the teller at the counter offers me a lollipop for them then, yeah... I guess I would get one."

ME: But I mean, do you ever like go to the bank to get lollipops for your kids?

FRIEND: Um. No. ???  Like...You take your 5 kids into the bank just to get lollipops?

ME: Oh no. I don't go in...I go to the drive through teller.

FRIEND: Well, that's nice that they still offer you a lollipop for your kids after you finish your transaction.

ME: Well, I don't always make a transaction. Except for the transaction of getting lollipops for my kids. Irene knows me. She gives me extra lollipops. She likes me. She understands.


ME: So wait. Is this not a thing?

FRIEND: No. That is not a thing. That is just weird.


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