Wednesday, November 25, 2015


My Instagram feed has seemed unusually full of cute fall ensembles and fashion highlights. If you know me at all, you know that I struggle greatly in the area of fashion and so most of this advice and cuteness is wasted on me.

Lately, I have seen a lot less of the super tiny models wearing the latest trend, but rather a neatly laid outfit "sans human" with accessories tastefully placed alongside.
Here's a recent picture from my feed from @allinspiredboutique a super adorable shop near me that has all kinds of cuteness I can't afford. 

Embittered Inspired by the onslaught of flaccid little ensembles filling up my feed, I thought I would bring to you my personal #OOTD Instagram style.

Well, first, let me get it from the closet.


Ok, here we are! It's the newest trend for the season: #WrinkledAndDirty

I love sporting my soft and comfy gray #OldNavyMaternity Henley on cold days like today! #cozy. Who doesn't enjoy the ease and comfort of figure-flattering, pre-natal wear #mybabyis1yearold #slimming. I paired this with my fav jeans that I peeled off my body like a banana the night before. #InsideOutIsTheNewIn

I realized I failed to include my accessories for the day! #SillyMe. My must have essential - the green gumdrop paci to tuck between the ladies for easy access. And of course I include my daughter's ankle socks  - it feels so cool to be able to wear my 8 year old's clothes! #ForeverYoung Don't forget the toilet paper squares to tuck in a side pocket for quick and efficient snot wiping. And what ensemble would be complete without the coffee mug?! #IHeartCoffee

#FashionNeverSleeps #SoxyAndIKnowIt #PaciChic #CarpoolGlam

Special shout out to my stylists. #YouGetMe


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