Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Let's get this party started... hello?

I really want to start a blog. But it is so intimidating. I mean, what in my life is possibly entertaining enough to share with the masses? Ha! I guess that’s rather presumptuous of me isn’t it? As if “the masses” would find my thus-far-non-existent-blog worthy of their readership!

Well, I guess at this point, I am going to just start jotting down a few things... if for no other reason than for myself. I hear it can be a great outlet and Lord knows I could use an outlet. Also, I’d love to chronicle these early years with my kids since living in survival mode can lead to a rather non-reflective life.

I used to be a fanatical journaler. I have not the time or energy to pull out that now dusty notebook and I need to just die to the fact that it is not going to happen. Sitting down at the computer to check email and facebook however does work its way into my day. Perhaps adding a few quick thoughts on the day will not prove to be too demanding.

We shall see...

So, in an attempt to be bloggy, I will share a few random snippets from the day:
We have been trying to spend time with Gittum (my dad) this weekend. It was his birthday on Friday and he honestly just isn’t in town much these days with his work schedule. Anywho. He has a house boat up on the lake... and as nice as one would think it would be to spend the day up at the lake, do you think me a horrible person for not being excited about it? Let me share:
  1. His boat is at the end... and I mean the very end, of the dock. I don’t mind the walk, except when I am trying to keep 22 month old Mr. Jenkins from plunging over the side into the murky marina water. Also, being at the end, right at the mouth of the marina exit to the “big lake” makes for a very rocky boating experience, which can make for a nauseous me. 
  2. My dad keeps the boat at a subarctic temperature. Well, in truth he keeps everything that way... his house, his car, etc... Since it is hot as snot here in the south, I don’t mind a little A/C, but the contrast from the outside world to my dad’s world can truly be painful. I think Jenkins got frostbite today while trying to take a nap... which leads me to #3
  3. Naps... the Jenkie boy is a creature of habit. Napping in unusual places, even with the beloved “blankie b” is quite an impossible feat. Let’s just say it sounded like he was being tortured wasn’t a success. However, Sassy A. (who does not require a nap) fell asleep while watching the ipad. What the heck!? She however was looking forward to her “rest time” as she had asked me if she could, “please, please, please, sleep with the spiders...” Which leads us to #4
  4. The boat is gross. It just doesn’t feel clean to me. Sorry dad, if you are reading this... but you know how I feel about those toilets. It is like there is a garbage disposal attached to them and it just raunches me out. Plus the spider invasion, carpet moss growth, leaking ceiling didn’t add to the ambiance much, and quite honestly, it gives me the “pee shivers”.

Well... now that I have complained... let me just say that aside from fearing greatly that I would lose Mr. Jenkins to the murky depths, it was a nice day at the lake. I got to spend time with my sister and dad and that is always a blessing.



  1. Thanks! I kinda feel like I have entered a worm hole... I just keep clicking, and clicking, and clicking...

    P.S. You're kinda my hero... the first and only blog I read for months. You've had me laughing so hard I've cried a few times! :)