Friday, November 11, 2011

'Fess up Friday

Did you miss me?

I've been out of town again. It has been a busy Fall for the Curls. I realized that I did not even share the kid's Halloween pictures before I left.

Sassy was a cat.

She managed to pee in her costume an hour before we were to head out for trick-o-treating. I guess peeing on clothes is in keeping with the whole cat theme (Can I get an "amen" fellow cat owners?). Perhaps she was just really into her character.

Oh well... we all have our days, right? So, we had to scrounge around for a quick replacement. She found another cat costume and squeezed into it.

It was an 18-24 month costume.

That's right. My child is tiny. And determined.

Here she is with her brother.
100 meaningless points if you can name who he is.

Here's Chilli. Snackin' on some discarded candy she found on the ground.

I'm such a stellar mom aren't I?

She's a caterpillar in case you were wondering.

In other news, in my quest for raw milk, I found a farm up in the mountains that sells it. We drove up for a visit a few weekends ago.

I can now say that I have tasted the sweet goodness that is raw milk.

It is a good thing it is so amazingly tasty because the jug label is quite disturbing.

We had a great day up at the farm.
 The kids loved seeing the animals.

Okay... that's all I've got for tonight.

Forgive the rather boring post, but I have to ease myself back into the blogging after my travel hiatus.

I'll leave you with the outfit of the week. You may have noticed Sassy's "get up" in the pictures above, but here is a better look.

She's such a sweet little hippie.



  1. I must say, weekly I love to read this. If it were not on FB, I would not remember to read it but it is a hoot. These children are, well....... children. I think it is their maternal oversight that cracks me up the most and reminds me often to pray for their paternal influence. May it ever be strong in it's attempt to survive.

  2. Who goes there? Your comment came up as anonymous.

    So glad that our foibles can provide some entertainment value for you! :) Lord knows if I couldn't laugh at myself, I'd surely be crying!

  3. Oh you make me laugh. The peeing in the costume thing was awesome, and the label on your milk is CRAZY!!!

    I think it's both insane and sad that they have to put that on it so the government won't raid them. Wasn't it like 50 years ago that we had a milk man who brought fresh milk to your house each week? I really really wish the milk man was still around.

    And just so you know, your farm looks a bazillion times cleaner than "my" farm, and the milk we get has been tested and has some of the lowest levels of bacteria in the state.

    I promise that if you post up with me tomorrow I will not take six days to comment. You are awesome. That is all.

  4. P.S. Mr.Jenkins as Napoleon Dynamite is the beeeeeeeeeeest. That's one of my all-time favorites.