Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Holey moley people.

Everything in my life is bursting at the seams. And I'm not just talking about my pants.

I have no room on my computer to even download critical updates.

I have no room on my phone to take pictures.

I have an ungodly number of emails in my inbox. I am too embarrassed to even tell you the number.


Even the dadgum icloud can't hold all of my crap.

Curse you OS5 update and your confusing icloud. 

My husband says I have a problem.

He has called me a photo hoarder.

I take offense... but I am beginning to see an unhealthy theme.

Could he be right?

I need some accountability.

I must clean up the lap top.

I must do it this week. 

You must ask me if I did.



  1. I'm trying to convince Travis we need to buy a massive external hard drive so I can clean out moving all of the stuff from one place to the other :)

  2. Did you do it? I need to know! Because I am *gasp* a photo hoarder too. My problem is that I have a desktop AND a laptop, and half of my pictures are on each. Which means that I can't ever do anything well.

    Another random thought: I'm looking at your Shelfari shelf~ I loved The Help, which surprised me because it received so much hype. I checked out "whats it like to be married to me" from the library but I never read it and then the library wanted it back, so now I will never know what it's like to be married to me, which is unfortunate, and I've checked out the Potato Peel Pie book TWICE but I keep returning it before I actually pick it up. I think this next time I'm going to get it on CD and just listen to it. It seems like a good one to listen to. A friend said it was great, though, so you'll have to tell me! That is all.