Sunday, December 4, 2011

Decorating for Jesus' Birthday

 The Curls' got all handsome on our Christmas decorating today.

What? You don't know what it means to get "all handsome on" something? Don't you people read the Lumberjack's Wife blog? That's where the funny is.

 I don't think our glass ornaments are going to make it this year thanks to a certain fellow.
We have already lost 3 glass ball ornaments to his monkey business.

Actually, one due to monkey business, two due to clumsy boy hands.

Oh, but how I love that monkey. 

I have to say my favorite part of the day was setting up the nativity with Sassy. I told her the story of Christ's birth as we took each figurine out of the box and added their character to the scene.

Once everyone was set out on the table she became quite upset that all these people couldn't see baby Jesus. I mean, after all, at least 3 of them had come quite a long way.

So, she began the process of reorienting all of the figurines so they could see Jesus.

 She was particularly concerned about the camel and donkey having a good view.

My first instinct was to think, "I'll move everything back the way I want it once she goes to bed." But I caught myself.

Sassy had it right.

That's what I've been wanting her to know about Christmas this year... that it is all about Jesus.

The way I had the nativity scene arranged looked good... but the figures were just kinda peripherally focused on Jesus.

She wanted them to really see Jesus.

I love it when my 4 year old can encourage me with what was truly a profound lesson.

Despite the fact that the disordered look of the nativity makes me twitch a little bit, I'm leaving it set up this way in hopes that it can serve our family as a visual reminder to keep our focus on Christ this season.


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