Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

A few moments from Christmas...

Decorating Eating Cookies at a friend's house.
Christmas morning at Church.
Mr. Jenkins showing his sister how to play with her new toy.
Silly Chilli.

Chilli chillin' with Grammy

Sweet cousins opening gifts.
My sister-in-law included a lollipop in some of Mr. Jenkins gift packages. Here you see that he is not the least bit interested in his super cool, Matt Ryan jersey. However, the root beer lollipop is of great appeal!
My little monkey opening a monkey gift. (Note the orange lollipop). 
Sassy posing with her herd of kittens (and one stolen monkey).
Lastly, I thought I would share a few pictures that we didn't find time to make into a Christmas card this year. So, let me put your mind at ease if you were wondering where the Curl's card might be. Don't be offended... we just couldn't seem to get our act together!


My awesome friend Katie Davidson took these and she is truly a miracle worker considering the state of my children the afternoon of the shoot.


They couldn't have been much worse.

At one point, Sassy was literally frothing at the mouth.
Fortunately, you'd never know it to look at these!


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  1. Love the fam photos, especially the one of all 5 of you. How'd she get you to look at Brent that way?! ;-) Merry post-Christmas and showers of blessings for 2012!