Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New sleeping arrangements

After much discussion and procrastination, we finally did it.

We took Mr. Jenkins out of the crib.

After all... he is 2 and a half.

So, for about a week now, he and his sister have been sharing her room. We have a mattress on the floor that we are sliding out from under her bed.

The first night they jumped on the beds like wild animals and screamed, "we're going to sleep in the same room FOR.EV.ER!"

About twenty minutes after lights out, Sassy was crying for us to, "Put 'Mr. Jenkins' back in his crib!"

Well... it was nice while it lasted.

What wasn't so nice was hearing a blood curdling scream around 2:30 am their first night in the same room.

When I rushed in to find the source I quickly realzied it was Mr. Jenkins (because Sassy was sound asleep in her bed despite the shreiking), but I could not find Jenkie! In my foggy state I acertained that the screaming was a bit muffled and realized that he had fallen off of his matress... and rolled under Sassy's bed!! The poor child was freaked out to say the least.

And frankly, I don't blame him. That would be quite disturbing to wake up on cold hardwood in a confined space in the dark... and not even in the room you are used to. Bless his wee heart.

Thankfully, though they do wake each other up occasionally, and although nap time has officially turned into "rest time," they are doing well with the transition.

Now, if I can just get little Chilli bean out of our closet and moved into Jenkie's crib, we'll be golden.

Yes, I said, my closet. Don't judge! She likes it in there... it is dark, and we have a sound machine, and a video monitor (remind me to tell you a story about that one...) and she likes it gosh darn it!

This week I finally got around to getting some new bedding for the big kids. I have been feeling a bit guilty that the boy is sleeping in a purple and pink room on dainty polka dotted sheets. But finding something that coordinated and still incorporated some of their favorite things was not an easy task. But, I like what we ended up with...

Some critter bedding for Sassy and a plain green reversible quilt for Mr. Jenkins with Dinosaur (a.k.a. "Saurs") sheets.

I think they like it.

Even Pingu looks pleased.



  1. Love the new sheet and blanket combo in the kids'room! Awesome job:). Love ya.

  2. love the bedding! and your naked kids!