Friday, January 6, 2012

'Fess Up Friday

When we first got married I begged Brent for a dog.

What was I thinking?!?!

My dad was wise and knew that we did not need a dog...

Why? Oh why did I not listen to him?!

Anyway, shortly after we were married, my dad gifted us with the "perfect dog."

Not to be confused with...

The "less-than-perfect-dog"

One night this week, I found that the perfect dog had been accessorized.

I am pretty sure I know who was responsible.

She is a pretty awesome accessorizer after all.

As one of my goals for this year, I am trying to be more intentional about learning/teaching/growing opportunities with the kids.... I am hoping to foster an environment for learning rather than my typical M.O. which is often... just a whole-hearted attempt to keep everyone alive.

I plan to utilize the blog as a means of accountability. So, this week we broke out the clay to do a little sculpting. Mr. Jenkins declined participation and chose instead to watch Despicable Me.


But Sassy, Chilli and I played with some clay. Well... Sassy and I did. Chilli kinda ate it.

Sassy made a number of these...

Which she called, "poozels"... well, technically, "baby poozles" because, obviously... these are small poozles.


And speaking of clay... I was blessed to be able to take a fall mini-session at our local art studio at the end of the year. I love handbuilding and made a few things that I am actually proud of! I know this is 'fess up Friday, so I really shouldn't be bragging, but will you let me show you a few of my "creations"?

My favorite

I was especially proud of how thin this one was.

Okay... thank you for allowing me that.

I'll leave you with a video of Chilli. She has been starting to "talk" a bit recently. I can't imagine why she has learned this phrase so well...

Happy Friday!



  1. Maranda! Those are BEAUTIFUL! I love them all - how do you make the designs on them? Do you ever sell your stuff - I would totally buy one! That first coffee cup is my favorite - so beautiful! Well done!

  2. Holy cow! When do you open your etsy shop because I want that coffee cup! I love that you have had a chance to get out and use your creativity and be artistic. I think that is so important, especially when we get stuck in 'survival' mode.

    Your blog always makes me smile because you are just my homegirl. Thanks for linking up with me even when I didn't even do it myself. Happy New Year!

  3. Adrienne and Kira, I never responded to your sweet comments. I just took a short mini-session at the art center near out house. I'd love to take more often, but I have these pesky things called children that often keep me from a consistent schedule in art class! :)

    I only wish I could take more often and sell my pieces on Etsy. A girl can dream, right?! :)

    P.S. Adrienne, most of these were done with a doiley imprint. I sometimes carve the mugs when they get leather hard (that's what I did with the green one just below the cream one you liked).