Monday, April 30, 2012

Mr. Jenkins has a girl friend

There's a special little (and I do mean little) lady in Mr. Jenkin's world.

Let me introduce you to Tinkerbell...

He is quite smitten.

I am not sure I approve. I mean, seriously... girl has some attitude going on with that hand on her hip dontcha think?

And where is her skirt!?!?

He took her "out" ... as in outside in the back yard yesterday and played with her for quite some time.

 He had her sliding down my tomato cages and zipping down the pole bean trellis.

And here is is in sheer delight over his girl.

Ahhh. Young love.

He had her with him again today and I heard him rummaging around in a drawer, undoubtedly looking for scissors or a permanent marker to "beautify" something. Anyway, I looked over just in time to see him close the drawer on poor Tink.

Ever the gentleman, he quickly patted her head and said, "I sorry Tinky-bell"

What a guy.



  1. My Dad decapitated my favorite Barbie in the sliding door of our Indian van. Of course, this ruined my life at the time. A few minutes later she re-emerged with duct tape around her neck and a change of outfit to disguise her unique predicament. You may want to keep the tape on hand...and a spare turtleneck for good ole tinkerbell. I'm just sayin'! :)

  2. Tiff...That. is. hilarious.

    Well, girlfriend needs to get some clothes for sure... I know she came with a little green skirt, and Lord only knows where that thing is. She is a bit scandalous if you ask me... she could definitely use a turtleneck! Haha!

  3. Agreed on the clothes. She sort of has upper-inner thigh divits!?? Lol