Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Inappropriate bug names

We went to Fernbank a few weeks ago for a dinosaur egg hunt.

I haven't had a chance to post about this because I was in conference planning Hades, but I thought I'd capture a few memories from our day.

Here is Mr. Jenkins waiting for the egg hunt to begin. Most of the mom's dressed their children in smart little Easter get-ups and provided them with precious little egg baskets.

You'll note my kid has a reusable grocery bag for his eggs.

'Cause that's how we roll.

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Not really sure what is going on here... but I am pretty sure he is discussing his "buttons" (which is what Mr. Jenkins calls nipples).

After the egg hunt which lasted an astounding 2.5 minutes. We headed inside the museum.

These things always make me chuckle:

The kids also got dinosaur tattoos.

We visited several other exhibits and even ate lunch outside on the patio in the perfect spring weather. It was delightful. Included in the kids meal was a toy.

One child received a praying mantis.

The other...
A cockchafer?

I'm sorry. But what is that?!

Who were the marketers who came up with this one? "Let's see... we've got the mantis, the dragon fly, the ant, the bee, the lady bug... and we just need one more.... Oh, I know... let's include the cockchafer!

This is a family blog, and I'm not trying to take it to a gutter level, but seriously... I am disturbed.


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  1. Sometimes I don't think I'd believe you if you didn't post pics as proof! That's hilarious!