Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mean Dinos and Dragons

Does this strike you as odd?

Take a closer look.

I mean really.

Who was the marketing genius who came up with this one?

A dragon...

Eating a person...

With bloody bits.

On the KIDS menu!

Mmmmm.... who wants chicken fingers?!

Sassy was totally disturbed.


Speaking of dinosaur-like-creatures. I posted earlier this week about the box of dinosaurs that my children adore and play with daily. I shared specifically about a couple of items (heh heh) in the box, but failed to tell you about the box itself which has become quite the item this past week.

I keep finding my kids in the box itself.

They have branched out to other Tupperware boxes as well... making nests with their blankets and lining up together to eat snacks, watch Shawn the Sheep, and pretend they are babies or random domestic animals.


In other Dino news...The Dinos have started migrating.

I mean... they - like all toys in our home - migrate.

But they not only end up on the kitchen floor or between the sheets of someone's bed, but I also find them in very strange predicaments around the house.

These Dinos are in Jail. Sassy said they robbed a bank. They often fall down the stairs and break limbs and must be doctored with copious amounts of scotch tape.

Not sure what exactly is going on here. But yes, that is a plastic hot dog wiener... which was not included in the dino kit.

I wish he would actually vacuum for me and not just sit there. Lazy dinosaur.

Tea anyone?

The Dinos can also be disruptive. Just yesterday the kids came screaming into the kitchen and insisted that we all get in the pantry because a "mean" dinosaur was coming.

Good thing Sassy had her Tinker bell lamp so we weren't in the pitch black darkness waiting out that mean dino.


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