Thursday, September 13, 2012

Salted Caramel and Chilli...but not that kind of Chili.

My dear, sweet, readers. You all have been so kind to send me pictures of your circus peanut finds. You've definitely made me chuckle...

... and perhaps gag a bit. 

If you ever feel like sending me more than a photo... please refrain, unless you plan to send something of a more chocolaty nature.

I believe we have already established that I have a weakness for Resee's... but do you know about my salted caramel love?

It really is a problem.

Last year I discovered these at Trader Joe's.

It was extremely devastating to learn that these little nuggets of love are a "seasonal" item.

I consoled myself in the "off season" with these gems, also from Trader Joe's.

Recently, a friend brought these (below) to a gathering, and made the mistake of letting me have some.

Thanks a lot Whitney.

Notice who came home from the gathering with the rest of the bag.

Not that I didn't eat most of the bag while we were together.

I am pretty confident these are going to be easier for me to obtain on a regular basis and this does not bode well for my pregnancy weight gain potential.

On a completely different topic... look at this cute baby girl.

I love her.

She is a funny little thing. Here are some Chilli facts that you may not know:

1. She loves crushed ice. She gets this from her Emme who is obsessed with ice and has her own industrial ice maker at her house. If you have a Styrofoam cup in Chilli's presence, she will assume that you have ice... and that the ice you have, is for her.

2. She loves kitties. I can't imagine where she gets this.

However, she rarely refers to them as kitties, but prefers the term - "meows"

3. For being a chill kid, she has a high maintenance bed time routine. It involves 2 blankets, a baby doll and the baby doll's blanket (a specific one mind you), a Chick-fila board book, a "meow", rocking in two different directions in a chair that is not in fact a rocker, shutting the door to both her room and closet firmly in her presence -  and only when she requests it. There is singing involved too, and while she isn't particular about the song choice, she can be rather finicky about being patted whilst one is singing to her. And whatever you do, don't touch her hair. Just don't.

I heard a rumor that my husband just puts her in the bed without all the fanfare... so perhaps I am the one who has created the monster. But I love my monster.

4. She likes to fasten her own buckle in the car seat. She can't do the lower one, but is very insistent upon clicking the top harness. She will beg to "snap it!"the moment you start putting her in her seat. Once she has completed the task, she proudly smiles and says... "snap it" in a self-satisfied sort of way.

5. She's a love. She is kind to her brother and sister and will typically share when they ask for or even take something from her. I know this may change as she gets older, but I feel like she has a very giving and caring spirit.

6. She loves to read. She constantly brings me books to read to her. Though I have witnessed this with other people's children, my other children do not possess the deep love of reading that she seems to already have.

7. She gives kisses and hugs freely. She snuggles and smiles often.

I love her.


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  1. She is adorable as are all my nieces and one nephew. Soon to be two nephews. She played so well with my Little Squirrel when she was here last weekend. Love you guys.