Thursday, September 6, 2012

They love each other


Well... some days more than others.

I know the feeling.

Actually, though we can get a bit ornery with one another, we can also have a pretty fun time as a family as well. This past Labor Day weekend was no exception and the Curly Cues played hard.

We kicked things off with the purple kitty party.


It was a bit crazy with all those felines and children, but I think it went pretty purrrfect.

Oh, I'm so punny, aren't I?

On Saturday, we went apple picking with friends.

 Please feel free to caption this photo with what you think Mr. Jenkins might be saying. This may come as a shock, but he was a bit difficult "special" this weekend.

 The kids asked to bring their "Easter baskets" for collecting.

Chilli munching on the bounty from our harvest while on the wagon ride.

On Sunday afternoon, we went canoeing! Well, technically, Chilli sat the this one out. Considering that the last time I went canoeing I ended up tipping the canoe and slamming an oar into Brent's temple on my way into the water... I thought 3 kids was more than I could handle on our maiden family canoe outing.

These are the new black swans at our church. The ponds on property had been overrun with Canadian geese and apparently black swans and Canadian geese are arch-enemies!

Who knew?!

This is the kind of information you can't find on just any blog. We seek to educate and humiliate  ourselves entertain at Curly Cues.

At first the swans and geese just took up rival territories - basically, they just secured their own ponds. However, when we arrived to canoe, there was not a goose in site... and that hasn't been the case in years and years. I guess the Black Swans won the battle for territory.

Moving on....

On Labor day, we headed up to Amicalola State Park with my family and Mr. Ben. It was kinda rainy but the kids enjoyed the nature center and play ground.

This is Chilli Bean saying the sound a snake makes...

Well, I guess there is one other item of note from this week, but let's play a little game... just to make things a bit interactive.

One of the following statements is FALSE. Can you guess which one?

1. I have ridden a camel in front of the Giza Pyramids in Egypt.
2. I went backpacking in high school with my friends for a week and those organizing the trip only allowed us each one pair of underwear. I complied with their evil rule.
3. I have permed my hair in a decade besides the '80s... in fact, in this millennium.
4. I am pregnant and we are having a boy.
5. In grades 1-12 I lived in 6 different states.
6. I watched an episode of America's Next Top Model today while my kids napped. Sadly, I can assure you this one is true.
7. I once ate 18 Reese's cups in one sitting. (That's 9 packs).

Okay... which one is the lie?!



  1. Okay, I'll take a stab at it and say #4 is FALSE.
    Loved the kitty party pics and am working hard at keeping my girls from viewing your blog so they won't gather even more ideas for birthday fun! We love us some kitty over here too.

  2. I say # 7 is FALSE. I think it was 10 packs of Reese's.