Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bed Rest

I have always been a lover of sleep.

I told my husband a few weeks ago that the dude who wrote "The Five Love Languages" totally left out the chapter on sleep.

Ah, the gift of sleep. I am convinced that is is the forgotten love language. 

I think I must crave sleep so much because I am robbed of it routinely. 

Though my children are decent sleepers... it does seem that someone (and it only takes one!) is often in a "phase."

A teething phase.
A bad dream phase.
An early rising phase.
And my personal favorite... a bed wetting phase. 

Sleep deprivation. It is just part of the gig of having young kids. 

I think as moms, we just kinda adjust to life with less sleep, and that's cool, 'cause it really is only for a season.

It is only for a season... right?

Dear God, please tell me it is only for a season!

Anyway, I have been contemplating sleep, and rest in general, as I have been prescribed bed rest for the first time in my life. 

It's an odd feeling to be forced to slow down and sit when all you are used to doing is being in constant motion. Most of my days are spent in the perpetual motion of care and training of little ones and the upkeep of a home. In the past few days I have found that this is not something that can be done very effectively from my bed. 

Consequently, I sent Sassy, Jenkins and Chilli Bean to my sister-in-law for a few days. 

God bless her soul. 

I have been praying that she is still alive as I have not heard from her today. 

All this to say, after a couple of days feeling like a total sloth, my love tank is full... 

Despite the perks...

Breakfast in bed, courtesy of my amazing, super-hot, husband.
...I do feel like it is nearing the point of being too much of a good thing. The laundry is piling up and there are so many projects that I would love to attend to - especially with a house void of "helpful" children - but I have tried to be very good (ie. horizontal) in hopes that I will get a good report from the doctor at my appointment tomorrow. 

I mean, clearly... I am totally cool with being told that I must get plenty of rest, but I am hopeful that I can be a bit more of an actively contributing member of our family once again. 

But until then...I'll rest. 

And, I'll pray for this baby boy to grow strong and healthy for several more weeks. 

And...I'll do the things that I can do from the bed - work, respond to emails, read my Bible, write letters, make phone calls that I have been putting off, read that book my friend mailed me last week, catch up on some trash tv... you know productive stuff like that! 

And... I'll count my blessings. 

For they are many. 


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