Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fanny Cat-Pack

Two posts in one week...

I'm on Fi-ya!

Just thought I'd take a quick moment to capture a couple of the weekend highlights.

Sassy had her final herd ball soccer game of the season.

Unfortunately, I am not sure soccer was all Sassy dreamed it would be. Most Saturdays involved some sort of coercion just to get her in her uniform.

And then there were the more public battles on the sidelines to force motivate encourage her to be a team player and get in the game gosh darn-it!

The truth is, I caught her having fun on many occasions... I think she just likes to play on her terms...when it is her idea...when she feels like it. I can't imagine where in the world she could have developed this self-centered attitude?


I only wish she hadn't learned it from me, but I know I do not model a selfless attitude well. I too like to think it is all about me.

It's not an excuse, but pregnancy does seem to be bringing out the worst in me lately. I have really struggled with feeling "entitled" to certain things this go 'round. And although I know there does exist a priority of self-care, after all, there is a little life growing in me that requires I be in good health, and  consequently, I must take care of myself. However, I hate the feelings of entitlement, resentment and bitterness that I find myself wallowing in. And I really hate the trickle down that flows into my relationship with my husband and kids in particular.

Ugh... sin.

It's so nasty.

Speaking of nasty...We took the kids to the pet store tonight.
How's that for a segue? I am a gifted writer am I not?

Actually, this particular store is pretty clean. They mostly have fish and rodents... and a few birds. They have humane society dog adoptions on the weekends and I am not ashamed to tell you that I have used this store as the "poor man's zoo" on many a Saturday afternoon.

This evening Sassy was desperate to hold a hamster. We asked one of the employees if we could hold one and she said, "Sure you can, but I'm just gonna tell you, they are going to bite. It's a fact."

Great. We'll take 2.

I jest.

I mean, if I were a hamster, I'd probably bite my kids too, but I wasn't up for the drama tonight and so I asked about the guinea pigs and was assured that they were not mean-spirited like their evil hamster friends. In fact, I believe she used the word, "sweet."

And sweet they were.

By the way... I wish I had a better picture, but can you see that Sassy has secured purple kitty to her waist via pink ribbon? She wore that cat like a fanny pack for a significant portion of the afternoon.

She is committed to the purple kitty.

She is also wearing purple kitty slipper socks... with her Keens.

To her credit, she is rocking some super cute skinny jeans.

I'm just not sure the stuffed cat head on the front of the socks is really working with the whole outfit.

But then again, who am I to give fashion advice? I once wore a skirt to high school that I decided was a little too long so I just cut it off at the length I desired and wore it with the frayed edge and strings hanging down. I think I may have been wearing tennis shoes with the scraggly skirt... I was quite the trend setter. I'm sure my friend Gina can confirm.

Well... that's all I've got for now. I just figured I should post something in hopes of keeping some bloggy momentum.

We'll see how that works.


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  1. oh my gosh, I just read this! Doing some catching up on your awesome hilarious blog---that skirt. How could I forget???

    love you!