Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mr. Wolf in da' house!

So much for being on Fi-ya.

Alas, I was unable to sustain the momentum of 2 posts in the same week.

Oh well. It was nice while it lasted.

Did I tell you that my hubby was in Egypt for a couple of weeks?

Did I tell you that he brought an Egyptian home with him?

Well, not exactly.

But, I do currently have a very nice young man from Cairo living in the guest room off of my kitchen.

He truly is the most helpful house guest I could imagine. He loves the kids and they loooooooove him. He always offers to help with anything I am doing and the dude even makes his bed every morning. I mean, bed making is a lost art in this household. It's nice to know that someone in the world knows how to do it.

Maybe he can teach my kids. Maybe he can teach me. 

Mr. Moheb (or Mr. Wolf as Jenkins refers to him - and no, we do not know why) is going to be with us through the end of the month doing some challenge course training with Brent and others in the industry and we are blessed to have him.

Sassy has been particularly, shall we say... creative... this week.

You may recall Purple Kitty Invasion 2012?

Well, this morning she decided to give her purple kitty a make over...

It was a bit of an extreme make over.

She was very thorough.

And she was very proud.

She truly enjoys the art projects. I am however kinda being over run with her prolific creations.

I adore these pipe cleaner flowers... but seriously, I am about to run out of vases.

And, I'm not quite sure if the following technically qualify as art projects, but she makes many things out of copious amounts of Scotch Tape and construction paper.

Lately, she has been making casts for injured people and stuffed animals.

Chilli was the patient today. Note the yellow foot cast.

Sassy is very serious about her doctoring.

Please pay no attention to the pink couch featured in these pictures. You don't say "no" to a free 18 foot sectional from your family - even if it is ugly as sin.

We finished off our weekend with getting together with some friends to watch the Falcon's Game. Chilli bean got up from her nap only to fall back asleep on her daddy for round two of a Sunday afternoon nap.

She is so my girl.


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