Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thankful Turkey

We made a Thankful Turkey this weekend.

Well, some of us did.

Some of us fell asleep on the couch.

What's a Thankful Turkey you ask? 

Great question. 

The extent of my experience with the TT (Thankful Turkey - keep up people) is seeing the pictures people posted on Facebook and determining that if tiny toddlers could make these things, perhaps I had the skills to assist my children in creating one. 

I tucked the idea away to use at some point in the coming week, and wouldn't you know, things got insane-o yesterday and so I decided to reign in the gremlins with a project in hopes of containing the madness to at least a corner of my house.

I cut out some turkey parts, traced some hands, talked about things we are thankful for, let Sassy go wild with the glue, and Bam! Thankful Turkey!

You may have a few questions. Let me address them:
Q: What is the purple thing on the turkey's head?
A: That would be a wig. Because duh, she didn't have any hair to put a bow in. 

Q: What are the blue scribbles on the chest of the turkey?
A: Once again, duh... she's a girl turkey (remember the purple wig, hello?) and she needed a dress. Obviously this is a dress. 

Q: What's with the sign?
A: Yeah... Sassy just thought it would be a nice touch. And frankly, we can all use a bit more love around here... There has been a lot of bickering and fighting lately, so it is nice that at least the Turkey is showing some love. 

Sassy wrote her own list on each finger of her traced hands:

Her list of things she is thankful for is as follows, and was stated in this order:

1. Cats
2. Dogs
3. Maranda (Because I insist that she refer to me using my full name!? What the heck?!)
4. Daddy
5. Eli 
6. Luke (I think she has a crush Michelle!)
7. Charli
8. Chad (her uncle)
9. Gretchen (her aunt)
10. Chip (her cousin)

For those of you reading this who were left off of her list... please do not be offended. We talked about lots of people...she honestly ran out of fingers. 

I hope everyone has a great week celebrating Thanksgiving. We do all have so much to be Thankful for.


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