Friday, October 28, 2011

'Fess up Friday

What more could I possibly have to confess this week?! It has been a doozy!

Let me see what I can rustle up though.

Make sure to check out Kira's blog - Kissing the Joy as it Flies - for more confession worthy material.

I was over visiting Susan's photography blog - Short on Words - and she had an idea to share a list of things that you don't do. She suggested that it might tell as much about you as a list of things you do. Let me give this a try as a means of the Friday Confessional:

I don't...
1. Worry about my kids getting dirty and wet.

2. Play with my food. But I have been know to take pictures of it and assign it to people's contact profile on my phone.
I see this every time the hubs calls.

This is a recent addition and has yet to be assigned. Any takers?

3. Do laundry often enough.

4. Read non-fiction books very often. Typically only under duress or because I am in a book study group. I usually get a lot out of them, but I just prefer a good fiction book.

5. Go to the movies at the theater.

6. Brush Mr. Jenkin's hair often enough.

7. Exercise (in the traditional sense) nearly enough.

8. Count my calories. Clearly. 

9. Keep my Tupperware organized.

10. Eat with my kids very often. I sit with them and hang out while they eat. But find actually eating with them pretty miserable at this stage.

11. Get too uptight about what my kids wear.

12. Have any cute jeans that fit me right now.

13. Function well in the morning.

14. Bake. But I do eat what other people bake. Please refer to #8 and more importantly, #12.

15. Respond well when "put on the spot" in group settings. I require time to think about things before responding.

16. Count on my "good works" for salvation. Though at times I forget this.

17. Succeed in keeping the swagger wagon clean.

18. Sew. But I wish I did.

19. Check the mail.

20. Maintain my closet's orderliness.

I'd love to hear some of he things you "don't" do! Feel free to share, and have a great weekend doing whatever you do (or don't) do!


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  1. Maranda, I wish you lived closer to me. I think we are meant to be friends. We just have so darn much in common.

    And that picture of a potato (?) for your husband on your phone is Seriously loving that.

    I may steal your idea for this next Friday. You rock!