Sunday, January 20, 2013

Chuck Morris

Mr. Ben, our beloved basement tenant who recently acquired a feline, has been in Uganda for the last week. We miss him, but are excited that he is getting to teach and train pastors seeking to learn more about God's word and theology.

In his absence, Sassy has been charged with attending to Chuck Morris.

As you can imagine, this is hardly a burden for her.

Although, I'm pretty certain Chuck is quite eager for his "daddy's" return.

Honestly, the cat is quite compliant. And although there are times when I can tell he is "over" being a baby doll, in general, he has proven to be a very good playmate.

When he is agitated, I feel like he tends to take out his frustrations by being obnoxious.

For example blocking Brent's view of the football game.

Or hiding in a closet for so long that we fear some child has released him outside. We were so panicked the other night I was practicing my speech on how I was going to tell Mr. Ben that I managed to lose his new cat. 

We found the rascal a few hours later in Chilli's closet. 

My personal favorite was finding him on my dish drying pad...

...because that's not disgusting.

I caught him on the counter again the other night literally chewing on the handle of the spray bottle I use to shoo him off tables and counters.

He's bold.

But, again, he puts up with a lot.

This is the "bed/cage" Sassy made for him. It is complete with a cage door, secured with scotch tape of course, and a sign she commissioned me to write stating: This is Morris' home while Mr. Ben is away.


And I did find him in the playroom the other morning in this predicament.

So, I guess I can't blame him for attempting to escape to higher ground.

Bless his heart.


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  1. Oh my gosh! I just cracked up reading this post! LOVE IT!

    P.S. I hope you "pop" soon!

    -Katie Benson