Saturday, January 5, 2013


Something slightly miraculous has occurred in the life of Sassy.

She got a cat!

Well... sort of.

Technically, something miraculous happened for Brent and me because our tenant in the basement got a cat...

A glorious arrangement as far as we are concerned.

All of the fun and none of the responsibility!

None of the vet bills, none of the flea treatments, none of the litter scooping, none of our furniture clawed... just daily visits from a friendly, cuddly purr-beast.

And Sassy is over the moon.

He is a funny little critter. Adopted from a local vet, he has a great personality. Plays with the dog... tolerates much chasing love from the children, is friendly and eager to be scratched and loved.

I like him.

His name is Morris.

However, Chilli calls him Norris. She screams his name while running around the house chasing him in her sparkely purple boots.

"Nooooooorrissssssssss....  Noooooooooorrissssss.... Noooooorrissssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Brent and I started calling him Norris as well. However, last night we renamed him, "Chuck" for obvious reasons.

On a totally separate subject.  I have a question...

Does being pregnant make you more clumsy or are you just more aware of your clumsiness when massively prego?

I seem to drop everything I put my hands on.

I am sure I have always dropped toys, paper, utensils, etc... but now when something slips from my grasp, I literally have to decide if it is worth the energy to bend over and retrieve it.

That's pretty pathetic isn't it?

Yesterday the kids and I tidied up the play room and collected miscellaneous toys from around the house before dinner.

But after dinner, there was a reemergence of many items that had been prematurely tucked away for the night.

I committed fully to leaning over and picked up all the toys on the living room floor in one bend.

I'm sure you appreciate the mental picture of me bent over, waddling around the coffee table in the living room picking up (and certainly occasionally dropping) toys.

I figured I'd just get them all while I was down there.

Anyway, after my waddling lap was complete, this is what I had collected.

Ridiculous is it not?

I mean, hardly any of these items are even related!

Baby bottle.
Dog guitar.
Sippy cup.
Purple kitties.
Play mobile people.
Pencil sharpener.
Play dough squeezer component.

And the quantity! How did they drag out this much miscellaneous crap in such a short span of time?

I mean, there are three of them and they do have varied interests, but I was just pretty impressed with the volume and variety. Children are amazing creatures are they not?

You know who else is amazing?

My husband.

He has taken to giving the gremlins piggy back rides - or as Mr. Jenkins refers to them - guinea pig back rides, up to bed each night.

Sometimes he manages to take all of them at the same time.



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