Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dance Par-tay

We had a dance party (or dance par-tay if you prefer) this evening.

Even in light of the handmade, construction paper, party hat - it probably appears like a tame event from this photo.

Don't be fooled.

"Who let the dogs out!?" was on repeat.

Sassy, not only made a hat for herself, but also one for Zelda monkey.

Mr. Jenkins and Chilli were a part of the dance party as well. Chilli had even donned a pair of ballet slippers for the occasion and Jenkins had selected a lion as a dance partner.

However, I guess at some point whilst I was twitching in the kitchen from Cotton Eye Joe and Pump up the Jam, Chilli got herself into a bit of a predicament.

At some point, I realized there was a little voice crying, "I stuck mommy"

Clearly I am a responsible and attentive mother.


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