Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gettin' our run on

This past weekend, we did some runnin' up at Berry College!

Some of us ran more than others... ie. my husband and friends Ben and Jamey who ran the half marathon.

My sister, her roommate Ashley and my mom all ran the 5K.

But, can I get some props for running the fun run with Sassy?

It was a 2 lap course to complete the grueling 1 mile run. We won't discuss the fact that we were lapped so substantially that we were awarded our "medals" upon making only one circuit.

Please no comments about my poor running form or the fact that I am fixing my hair in this action shot. Sadly, this is the best shot I have.

Here are my cuties.

Sassy was so proud of her award. She tells everyone that she won the race.

So sweet... so oblivious. I love her.

She has also told me repeatedly that she is sorry that I did not win.

Thanks for the condolences sweetie.

Speaking of Berry College. My sister is still in school there... Have I mentioned previously that my sister and I are 12 years apart in age? I mean, my parents practically had two only children. She went into 1st grade as I started my freshman year in college. Ridiculous... or excellent planning on the part of my parents as they had the built in babysitter set up.

Anywho... I digress. She is in this awesome program up at Berry called Winshape. It is a scholarship program though Chick-fil-a and it has been an incredible experience for her. According to Marissa, "We had a movie awards ceremony last night for our Monday night meeting. We were invited to make videos and submit them. It took these students 7 days, 35 dollars and 130 combined hours to create this."

I thought it was pretty cool.


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  1. I'm so proud of Sassy and so pleased she 'won' her race...sorry, Maranda, that you didn't win!