Saturday, February 25, 2012

The hair.

Just look at my child's hair.
What is going on back there!?

It doesn't really help that the Chilli bean has some funky sprigs of her own.
At least her crazy hair is being reined in by some pony tail holders... with Mr. Jenkins, I am just at a total loss!

Because of the exceptionally insane state of his hair today, I took the Jenkie boy to observe my dad getting his hair cut in hopes that he might be more willing than he has historically been to get his hair cut.

I have attempted to have the boy's hair cut on a couple of occasions and the only successful (if you can call it that) endeavor was when my mom and sister took him and held him down while he was buzzed. The other times, we literally had to leave without his hair being cut.

The hair is clearly out of control, and I truly don't know what to do with it, so, I present you with this question:

Should I shear him again?

People. I need your counsel.

Before you answer, please see the following pictures where the long hair is actually working for him, and some pictures for the one and only time his hair has been cut buzzed professionally.

As in, not by me running around the house with scissors lopping of chunks of hair from his head.
Which is how it usually gets done around here.

Okay... here are the cutie curls:

Now, granted, I know that these are definitely the highlights, because I have others that are more like this:

But as cute as he still is when he's buzzed... I confess I love locks... at least when they are behaving.

 Please note... I think I still see a little "nest" back there, so it is not like the buzz will completely eliminate the problem. And I think I see some "horns" in this picture below.
Also, please factor into your decision, that I will have to endure this...

I am anxiously awaiting your response.



  1. Where did you take him in that lovely picture (the last one where he's clearly losing it)? I've got a lady who's great and the kids get all the Dum Dums they can suck down, plus bubbles (bubbles!) during the torture. Let me know if you'd like her info.

  2. I use to give Karl m & M s while he go this haircut or he would swat at the lady with his hand, maybe not a buzz but a trim and maybe try to spray some kids detangler in that nest before birds lay some eggs:)

  3. Yeah, I take my kids to a 'kiddie cuts' type place where the haircut is overpriced but they get suckers, balloons, stickers, and their own personal tv to watch any movie they want on. I've never had an issue with screamers. AND now that they've been trained at the expensive place, I save my money and chop up their hair myself at home.

    I can understand your dilemma though~ those curls are seriously cute. My children all inherited my ridiculously straight cow-lick ridden hair, so if I had one with curls I might grow it out like Jesus. But the nest in the cart.... I laughed out loud...

    Whatever you decide to do, he's a keeper!

  4. Go curls! Shaggy Eli do is way cute...even with the occasional nest

  5. I like his hair long! You could even grow it out and let him be one of those cool kids with the ponytail. Or bribe him. I'm fine with bribes occasionally.

    And like a few others have said, we go to those places with the movies/candy/anything that works.

    Super cute kid!