Saturday, February 4, 2012

5 little monkeys

My precious friend 'licious' father has been very ill following some unexpected surgery last week. I was so grateful that she allowed me to keep her sweet kids today while she was at the hospital with her dad.

The kids had so much fun!
I thought they were all so cute eating lunch together.

Even the baby girls were sharing.

The little girls napped while the big kids had "room time" which I am pretty sure was just a wonderful opportunity to dismantle their closet and jump on the beds.

After "nap/chaos time" we played outside. "Happy" found my raised garden bed that Brent is building for me as part of the deck rebuild project.

I mention the deck building so I have a legitimate excuse for the incredible "red neck" appearance of our yard.
Playing in the dirt for a good 45 minutes is why we then had a bath.

Yes, that is 5 monkeys in the tub.

And boy do I love those monkeys!


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