Monday, February 6, 2012

Just pick it up!

For the love of all things holy.

Mr. Jenkins... just pick up the dadgum fork.

I am here to tell you... that this fork resulted in a 40 minute battle of wills one night this week.

And these shoes...
Well... they made me late to church.

And believe it or not, the request to pick up these alphabet magnets took about 30 minutes of my life that I will never get back.
Well, as you and I both know... it was not the fork or the shoes or the magnets that were the problem. I  love Mr. Jenkins so very much, but the challenge or raising a strong-willed child has taken it's toll on me as of late.

I cannot believe the things that can cause a melt-down of epic proportions.

And I know there is that saying about picking your battles, and I really do try to pick them, but sometimes I end up dying on a hill I never intended to even climb!

I mean, who would have thought that telling the boy to pick up the fork he just threw across the room would make him morph into some frothing, red-faced, Tasmanian-devil-child?

I feel like I have been trying some of the "traditional" discipline methods with him and not getting any where. He seriously goes out of his mind in anger and stubbornness and becomes a totally irrational, wild, little beast.

Are there some creative ideas you mommies of strong willed little ones can offer me?!

We seriously need some help.


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  1. Oh Maranda! I an relate on the tantrums!! I have learned that ignorning him and telling when he can stop acting like a baby, we can talk. We also started the "token jar". Mason jar decorated to his liking and he can add tokens (poker chips) when he does good things and listens. When he is a devil of a boy, he has to take tokens out and give them back. He can choose what he wants to trade the tokens for. Ice cream, special toy (cheap), dinner. Seems to curtail tantrums for fear of losing tokens. Good luck!!