Saturday, May 26, 2012

My great ephipany

I have come to a realization about my life.

One might think I would have come to this conclusion before now, however, I guess I have been living in denial.

Are you ready for my epiphany?:

I must do laundry every. single. day. 

I remember a time, way back in the day, when I would come home from college with many weeks' worth of laundry to do. And although it was quite a mountain... it is absolutely comparable in size to the massive pile I have on my laundry room floor as I type this. And I promise you, that pile is no where near a weeks' worth of soiled clothing.

I don't assume much responsibility for the mountain, after all, I am the woman who has been known to wear a shirt, sleep in a shirt, and find herself wearing it the next day at Target because I just threw on some jeans in the morning and off I went.

I blame these critters:

They are making Sundaes in this photo, but honestly, it doesn't matter what they are doing... they will always dribble, smear, spill, or wipe something on themselves.

I am constantly asking myself... "Is that chocolate or poo?... Chocolate or poo?" (100 meaningless points if you can name that movie).

Anywho. I clearly have little to write about today since I am talking about laundry and poo. So, I will spare you and sign off for the night.



  1. Yep, the amount of laundry little people create is absolutely staggering. It's pretty much all I do.

    BUT! In a couple years, they will be able to start helping you and it does get easier.

    You make me laugh. I too wear shirts, sleep in them, and wear them again the next day. Not because I'm too busy to be bothered to change, but because I just don't care. If I haven't been spit up on and I'm not seeing the same adults as the day before, the outfit is totally a go for day 2.

  2. Oh how I do long for the day that the children are responsible for the laundry... well... I am sure there are down sides (ie. pink whites, shrinking sweaters, more widowed socks than we have now), but I would sure love a little responsibility sharing in that area!

    Kira... did you start the potty training for your littlest yet? Are you living in the would of diaper-free bliss yet!? - mc

  3. Maranda, I seem to remember you doing laundry every single day in high school...or maybe it just seemed that way because you put your clothes 'away' in the dryer. ;)