Monday, May 7, 2012

Pants on the ground

It got oddly quiet during "rest time" today.

During a typical afternoon "rest time" there is much squealing and giggling... and often a few fights to break up along with an injury or two.

But today, around the time I expected to the bedroom door bust wide open and hear the pitter patter elephant stampede down the stairs, there was just the sweet sound of silence.

Wanting to insure that one of the aforementioned fights had not broken out leaving someone unconscious, I tip toed up to the room to discover a miracle:

Two sleeping children.

Please pay no attention to the state of the blinds. I don't want to talk about it.

Also, you may note; Mr. Jenkins is not wearing pants.

Did I mention yet that we are potty training? Well, Mr. Jenkins is pretty much potty training himself because Brent forbid me to even try potty training the boy until he was 3 because of the nightmare which was potty training Sassy.

Seriously, I think potty training day one for Jenkins was infinitely better than potty training day 296 for Sassy.

Anyway, Jesus clearly felt sorry for me and the ordeal with Sassy, so he blessed me with a willing potty training participant in Mr. Jenkins. We still don't really have the poop thing down yet, but the boy has not had a pee pee accident since he initiated this whole business a couple of days ago.

The only issue (besides the poop) is he isn't too great at putting his britches back on after the...ahem...event.

I knew he got up to potty during rest time because I heard the toilet lid slam.

I held my breath and listened for Chilli to be awakened by it. Hearing nothing, and being the responsible mother I am, I continued eating my sandwhich.

I however forgot that the boy would probably not be inclined to put on his drawers after the deed.

So consequently, the poor, pants-less child must have hopped back into the bed where upon he pressed his butt cheek up against the glass and fell asleep.

I hope the neighbors enjoyed the view.


1 comment:

  1. Oh you make me laugh. Every. Single. Time.

    That is awesome.

    Also, I'm super envious of the fact that you get your kids to have a rest time.

    I have one napper, and one who spends naptime trying to wake up said napper. It's a fun time of day.

    Also, I have a boy who turned 3 on Saturday, and it's occurred to me that I should potty train him some day. Because if I do, I'd be like.... DONE. with diapers. Forever. What am I waiting for?!