Saturday, July 23, 2011

'Fess up Friday

It's that time again.!

I have missed the past few 'Fess ups, and it certainly isn't for lack of confession-worthy material.

It's just been crazy... and then there was the whole writer's block thing.

Anywho... I am back and have some daily disasters to share.

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1. So, you know that we had VBS this week.

If you know that much, then you know that I barely survived registration, thanks to a certain little boy who we all know and love...

Mr. Jenkins...

Anywho, after Monday's drama, the rest of the week went great with drop off and pick up. I just slapped Chilli in the baby carrier, plopped Jenkins in the umbrella stroller and took Sassy by the hand.
In and out.

On Thursday we did the same drop off routine and headed back to the car. I loaded up Chilli and Jenkie and we went back to the house to get some packing done for our upcoming beach trip. It wasn't until I drove back to the church later that afternoon that I realized that I may have forgotten a step in the morning's loading process.

Yeah... that's my stroller.

Apparently, I loaded up the kids and just left it sitting there all by itself for 3 and a half hours in the parking lot.

As embarrassing as that is in itself, it was also super embarrassing to have to drive up to the abandoned stroller and claim it.

I wasn't sure if I would rather have people realize that I was the doofus who left it there, or if I wanted them to think I was stealing it.

2. Sassy asked to hold Chilli this week and as usual I obliged her request.

She is a sweet mommy's little helper. 

Apparently Chilli was a little hungry though because while Sassy was holding her, Chilli latched onto her arm and gave her a hickey!!!

3. I am still struggling to get Sassy to wear appropriate clothing.

Recently it has been the battle of wanting to wear PJs all day long. She often wakes up, takes off her PJs and puts on a new set of PJs as though this is her outfit for the day.

I am trying to not make a huge deal about it. She is typically compliant about putting on "real clothes" when we go out, so I guess lounging around in jamies all day is okay. It just feels like we are a few extra steps behind when it comes time to actually go somewhere. You know, it is nice when I only have to tell her to put on her shoes, rather than, "please go upstairs, get some clothes and get dressed.... oh yeah, and put on your shoes." 

Anyway, her favorite PJs are not in fact her own.
They are her brother's.
And she loves them.
And she wears them all the time.

4. Sassy isn't the only child wearing her sibling's clothing. Jenkins has taken a liking to a pair of Keens that are Sassy's.

I mean, Keens are cool, so I don't really blame him, but unfortunately, this pair is pink.
... well, technically, pink and purple.

And covered in flowers.

I know he is man enough to rock some floral pattern, but with the hair... I'm afraid he is just too pretty.

Soooo pretty, but fortunately, ALLLLL boy!

5. In other fashion news... I was UBER desperate for some chap stick and used some diaper cream to soothe my dry lips. This might have been okay if the cream didn't have zinc oxide.

6. Okay... I typically share a confession on behalf of the hubs, but this week, I bring you a confession courtesy of my mother.

I honestly don't even know how exactly to share this effectively because it is so odd. For those of you who know my mother, you know she has beautiful, silver, hair that she wears super spiky.

My mom can rock some funky cute hair - she's that cool.

However, today, I think she let the funky get the best of her and she crossed the line into punky...

In her defense, it was supposed to be red, not hot pink.

Again... my mom's pretty cool... and I imagine she can pull it off...

But then again, we might need to get a silver sharpie and touch that up...

... like every morning.



  1. if only she had tried purple... :)

  2. i love the stroller story! i would have loved to watch that all go down...the van creeping up to claim/steal the stroller. haha

  3. Oh my word, I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to come read your post! I saw that you linked up last weekend but I got sidetracked on my way here. I almost think it was better that I waited because now it's almost midnight and I was able to give it my full attention. I was giggling so loud I almost woke up my family. You are hilarious!

    And I think we should be friends because your life sounds eerily similar to mine. I was so tracking with you on the stroller story. I haven't done that exact same thing, but I did almost leave one of my children at a pizza parlor last month. I felt a little sheepish when I ran back to claim him and a nice man was walking him out saying, "It's okay, we'll keep him."

    That's the same kid who would LIVE in pajamas if he was allowed. He frequently steals his brother's toddler pajamas and squeezes his four-year-old self into them because he is not a pajama snob. All jammies are welcome in his world.

    Your mom looks spunky. I hope I can pull off a hot pink stripe when I'm older, too.

    Thanks so much for linking up, your posts are always a treat!