Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A new day... a new little boy

Just wanted to let my bloggy peeps know that I am in fact alive and survived the VBS drop off this morning. In fact, it went swimmingly!

I ditched the double BOB in the garage this morning and traded it out for an umbrella stroller. I remembered the baby carrier as well, so I was mercifully "hands free" which was a good thing since Sassy begged to push Mr. Jenkins in the stroller and I had to intervene on several occasions to swerve him out of the way of oncoming foot and mini van traffic.

I really think yesterday's fiasco had a lot to do with a lack of understanding on Mr. Jenkin's part. Bless his bones, he just didn't get what was going on. He thought he was going to stay and play, and then he freaked out because we left Sassy, etc... Today, he knew the drill, and we all fared much better because of it.

It's amazing what a little mental preparedness can do for the boy.

Despite his stellar behavior this morning, he isn't totally off the hook.

After dropping Sassy off at VBS, Jenkie, Chilli and I ran a few errands, including getting my filthy swagger wagon washed. I like to go to this place where you ride through the car wash and then pull into the space to vacuum it out yourself. Well... as we are in the wash tunnel we begin approaching that super high pressure blast of water that rinses the soap off, and water starts POURING into my van via the sun roof!

I can't figure out what is going on I'm getting soaked, and soapy and so is everything in the front of my van. I look up into a literal stream of water coming in through the sun roof edges - but the fabric slide cover is closed. I push the close button on the console and hear the glass window slide shut.

Although I cannot confirm it... I am pretty sure that Mr. Jenkins is responsible.

And let's be honest, it's a pretty safe bet.

After all, I do recall someone snooping around for tic tacs yesterday morning.

With all the junk in my trunk (ha ha...), wouldn't you know I didn't have a dadgum towel! Fortunately I found (wait for it)... a onesie.

Yeah... totally not sufficient for the sheer volume of water in the van. Alas, I did my best. The greatest tragedy may have been that my sonic coupon got soaked and I feared that they might not take it.

Of course they did though.  After all, they love me ... I am their favorite customer ... I am there every day and I am pretty sure they pity me.

So, the wrath of Monday's VBS fall out managed to stalk me into Tuesday, but I am not daunted. In fact, I am well hydrated (thank you Sonic), relaxed (thank you concurrently napping children) and grateful (thank you God) for today and the rest of the week that is to come. I know it is gonna be a good one.



  1. Winshape has told us that disapointment and anger occur when we have unmet expectations. Therefore whenever we can, we should talk out what our expectations of a situation are, that way everyone is on the same page. Mr. Jenkins was just missing out on this yesterday...

  2. cutie blog, girl! love it!

    i also love jenkins and his tales. i can just picture you in the car wash! i can't help but laugh!