Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Genie Beanie

Did you know that we had a cat.

Yes, I said, had.

Unfortunately, when we moved into our new home in January, Eugene hopped the fence and hasn't been seen since. It really is a pity because he was a pretty cool cat. He put up with a lot of abuse love from the kids.

And he was certainly lower maintenance than the dog.

We miss him quite a bit. Especially Sassy, who is the real cat lover. I can't tell you how many times she has prayed that God would bring her kitty back. Honestly, I have had a few heart-to-heart conversations with God myself about this, and at the risk of being irreverent, I'm kinda upset with Him.

It's just that I know how big God is, I know what an easy thing it would be for him to bring our dadgum cat home. It is hard for me because I think bringing him home would have such an impact on Sassy's faith - I would so love for him to answer her prayers in this way... not just for her richer joy, but for His glory! He would get all the credit for doing so and that child wouldn't hesitate to tell everyone of the miracle God gave her in bringing Genie back.

But, God is sovereign and I am not. Plus you do always hear those crazy stories about cats coming home after being gone for long periods of time... Maybe God still has a plan to reunite us all!

And what cat wouldn't want to come back to this?
On second thought, perhaps God has answered Eugene's prayers in getting him out of our house!

Recently, Sassy has been considering what Genie might be doing now. We have imagined that a nice family in the neighborhood across the street might have him. We feel confident that they are keeping his food dish brimming with kitty kibble (not an easy task... he is a 20 lb cat) and that he is happy.

Yesterday Sassy asked me the following:

Sassy: When is God going to bring Genie back?
Me: I am not sure baby. I hope he does.
Sassy: I wish God would STEAL Genie from that family and give him back to us.

It's funny... but it's sad too!!!

Dear nice family in the neighborhood across the street,
If you could please bring our fat feline back, we'd really appreciate it... we'll be saving you a fortune in cat food.



  1. How will they know that he only drinks running water from the bathroom sink? Genie gone makes my heart sad. I will pray he comes soon.

  2. How hard to not know what happened to the cat! I hope she is found soon. And it is hard, but God is sovereign, and it might even take time before you seen His work in this. :)

  3. please take one of my cats. roxy needs someone to appreciate her fatty self. you are the one!

    she is not naughty, i don't think. i think it is just scout and tony.