Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Fess up Friday

 Once again, I am coming late to the party... I can't seem to get my act together on Friday for the official 'Fess Up.

Maybe I should come up with a special daily posting of my own.

How about...
Procrastination Saturday!

Gee... that's super clever. I'm sure it will catch like wild fire.

So, Let's see what I've got for this week... oh and don't forget to check out Kira's blog to see what everyone else has been up to!

1. So, it was a brutally long car ride back from the beach this week.

On these long car trips, I often have to remind my children to mind their own business. Sassy and Jenkins are talented contortionists and can manage to kick, hit, pull slap, steal food, etc, while strapped into their respective car seats.

I don't mean to brag, but they are pretty gifted.

Anyway, at some point, from the back of the van I hear Sassy cry out, "Mommy!! *Mr. Jenkins* is all up in my business!!!"

It made me chuckle.

2. In other Sassy news, we went to a park while in St. Simmons, and in a weak moment, I allowed Sassy to wear her princess dress up shoes.

You know the whole clothing thing continues to be a struggle for us. I guess I was just excited that she was wearing real clothes... not pajamas... (and more importantly, not naked!), so when she asked if she could wear the dress up shoes, I gave in.

Good news for me, she ended up being pretty miserable in them, so I don't think she'll ask to wear them again.

3. I came home to some yummy tomatoes from the garden!
I seem to have a knack for growing some funny looking tomatoes.

Sassy and I have started to refer to this type as the "hiney tomato".

I'm sure you can't guess why.

They certainly look weird... but they taste delicious.

4. I think Sassy may be an artist. This morning at breakfast, she created the following master piece with her toaster strudel.

She told me it was Mickey Mouse.
I think I see it...
I don't really see it.

Actually, upon further inspection...I really DO see it!
She's a genius!
I see a college scholarship in her future!
Good thing... she's gonna need it! 

5. I'm not too sure Lola is happy that we are back. She has quickly resumed her role as random imaginary playmate. Here she is at the "dentist" office. According to Sassy... you have to have a bib at the dentist office and so Lola had to remove her collar and was promptly fitted with a baby bib.

6. I leave you with one simple question...

Why? Dear Lord, why?

Well... I feel like this wasn't so much of a 'Fess Up Friday post... it seemed to me like more of a...

I don't know....

Maybe a... "Procrastination Saturday List"???

Do you see how I did that?

You know I have just coined the next new thing in blogging don't you?!




  1. If you host it, I will come..... to procrastination Saturday, that is. Do not put it off though. I could totally write up a post to fit that title.

    And this was absolutely a 'fess up post. That's the beauty of 'Fess Up Friday... it can be a total dumping ground of miscellany and who's going to say anything? They're your confessions, have at it.

    The hiney tomato was my favorite. That is

    I'm so far away from seeing a red tomato I'm not even going to start looking until September. our summer just started last week. For reals.