Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Bless their hearts...

You know who I am talking about...

The kind souls that watch the wild ones for us. 

Because we are so fortunate to have family close by, my mom is typically the one who is blessed subjected to "babysitting" our kids.

Have I told you that my mom has a strict policy that she will only watch 2 at a time?

Never 3.

She is a woman who knows her boundaries.

She is also a woman with a hot pink spike of hair!

Anyway, last night we had sitters come and watch 2 of our 3 kids as well as a friend's daughter. When we arrived home we received the following report:

  • After eating dinner, Sassy was given a small slice of ice cream cake. When she finished her piece she informed the babysitters, "I usually don't get another piece, but mom and dad are not here, so I think it is okay."
          It's like she was honest... but not.
  • Mr. Jenkins wiggled so much during his evening diaper change that he obtained a wedgie that caused him much discomfort. He was agitated and annoyed until the babysitter was able to pick the wedgie/straighten the diaper for him at which point he was greatly relieved and nuzzled down in his crib to sleep.
  • The other little girl who was here with our kids is named, Matea. 
          Such a cute name.
          Sassy however cannot seem to say it.
          So, for the whole evening, she referred to Matea as Potato.


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