Saturday, September 17, 2011

'Fess up Friday... belated edition... as usual

A few moments from the week... Check out Kira's blog for other confessions.

We went apple picking with some friends on Thursday.

It was super fun!

We kinda had the place to ourselves, which made it even more enjoyable.

Some of the "extras" were not open (ie. the apple cannon, the hay ride, etc.). Even though the petting zoo was also supposed to be closed during the week, the older gentleman who met us at the entrance told us we could go see the long as we didn't let the goats out.

Which makes sense.

So, to the petting zoo we went, and the animals seemed happy enough to see us.
 I like this picture of the goat eyeing the apple Brent is trying to hide from Mr. Jenkins.

There were also this huge, creepy albino turkey.

Creepy turkies aside, it was a really fun day.

Now to the 'Fess up component to the day:

Mr. Jenkins somehow got to the car without his shoes.

I fortunately found an extra pair in the car.

Unfortunately, they were his sisters.

Lookin' good Jenkie...
Lookin' good.

Did I mention that they were sparkly, glittery, bright pink Sassy shoes!?


I hope I have not scarred him for life.


The outfit of the week goes to...

Here she is in her Kanga costume with a pile of bunnies. I, unlike the Lumberjack's Wife to not have any real bunnies. Thank God. 

I do however have a huge mess to clean up.

I found this in our laundry room today.

Oh. My. Word.

At first I thought I was going to have to sell Mr. Jenkins on Ebay. However, I then realized that the blasted detergent had fallen off the shelf all by its dadgum self and the Jenkie boy was not responsible.

I have never seen anything like it.

It was as if the contents were pressurized. It somehow managed to get all over the walls.

When I saw it this morning, I took out my phone and took these two pictures.

Then I closed the laundry room door and walked away.

So, question for you...If laundry detergent falls in the laundry room and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

The answer is yes.

Well... technically someone was around to hear it.

When I told Brent about the fiasco he said, "Oh, that was the noise I heard at 2 am. I thought one of the kids fell out of their bed so I got up to check on them. They were in their beds so I waited at the top of the stairs to listen in case there was someone in our house."

I kinda wonder if he looked in the laundry room and had the same reaction I did... just closed the door and walked away.

I must publish this post and go and clean the disaster... but surely I can find something else to do so I can avoid the inevitable.

I just don't even know where to start. I mean, its gobs and gobs of concentrated soap that has run underneath my washing machine, and clothes baskets and into the nooks and crannies of the room.

If I sop it up with towels, then what do I do with those towels? If I put them in the wash I am afraid that the suds will overtake us!


I must go and face it.

You better pray for me.

You better.



  1. I died laughing about selling Mr. Jenkins on Ebay! I would hate if you sold him but that was hilarious! Hope you get the laundry detergent disaster cleaned up!

  2. Oh man, that would be totally overwhelming for me. Recently I've had a gallon of raw milk get dropped in my kitchen and the entire thing went KERPLOOSH, with milk under the fridge, the oven, the cupboards, inSIDE the fridge... everwhere. This has happened to me twice this summer. I hate gigantic messes like that because it does indeed seem insurmountable.

    Hope you were able to get it all cleaned up without bubbles taking over your house.

    Your kids are so funny and I love the pink sparkly shoes. Totally something I would do.