Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Whiney Wednesday

So, I just ate beef jerky and some moose tracks ice cream for lunch.

And I wonder why I can't seem to lose this baby weight?!


I have been trying to clean the house all day. I honestly don't know why I try to do this while the kids are here as if they are ever not here...

What is it exactly about fresh linens on a bed that make a child want to pee in it?

Or what is it about swept and mopped floors that gives them a craving for graham crackers? And while were talking about graham crackers... I honestly don't know if my kids eat them because I swear I could reconstruct several crackers out of the crumbs they leave behind.

The house is desperate for a cleaning... I tried to get to some of the tougher stuff today... like I worked on the many, many stains on the couch... I removed the cushions and vacuumed in all the nooks and crannies. There was many a graham cracker crumb to be sucked.

I need to be mopping the floors while the kids are peeing in their beds resting, but I have hit a wall.

Oh, speaking of walls... I have discovered that Mr. Jenkins has been sticking his gummy vitamin to the wall in various locales in the house. He does this after he sucks on it a while and gets it nice and sticky. He then proceeds to place it on the walls to see if it will stay there all by itself. Today I caught him trying to get one to stick to his face.

What am I going to do with that boy?

In other news, it has been 4 days since I have been to Sonic. I told myself I could go if the house was clean.

I guess I'm never going to get to have a Sonic sweet tea again.


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  1. Oh, my gosh, make mundane, funny...'I need to be mopping the floors while the kids are [peeing in their beds] resting...' I'm happy to know that you finally got Sonic yesterday...