Sunday, September 25, 2011

Confessions of a Needy Blogger

I fear I have offended my bloggy peeps.

Please disregard my statement in my previous blog about posting via blogger...

You can do whatever you want...

I fear I have scared all of you off with my affirmation-neediness. I promise... I love your comments however I can get them... facebook is great!

I swear!

This being said, a few of you have told me you cannot comment on the blog itself... I am not a very blog savvy person, but here is my feeble attempt to give some instructions as to how to easily view/comment on the blog.

Option 1:
Subscribe via email:
1. Go to my blog
2. Enter  your email address and press "submit" in the "follow via email field" on the left side of the blog page.
Once again... me no savvy with all things techy, but I think you should get my posts via email when I publish them.

Option 2:
View via Google Reader (I think this is the best way if you have a Google account that you use regularly).
1. On the top of your GMail page you'll see several words... GMail, calendar, documents, photo, reader...
2. Click on Reader.
3. There may be a set up process for your reader account that occurs when you click this... I honestly don't remember what it was like when I set mine up, but if I can do it, it must not be too difficult.
4. Once you complete any initial set up, there is a button near the top left hand corner that says, "Add a subscription". Click this button.
5. Enter in the field and click add.
6. You're all set. Now whenever you are checking your GMail, you can sneak over to the reader tab (same link you selected initially to set up your reader account) and check out Curly Cues or any other blogs you have added/follow.
Once you have an account with Google reader, it is really easy to comment on blogs... not that you have to comment on mine though... once again, I feel I have given you a glimpse into my extremely needy, approval-seeking, self-absorbed side!

Okay... not too much to share today... just a few pics from the weekend:
We went to a local park on the river today. The kids were not really dressed for the occasion, but fortunately I keep clothes in the swagger wagon in case they get dirty because they are the most dirt-lovin' creatures I know.

The river is cold, but the kids didn't mind... and certainly fulfilled their mission to get muddy.

Sassy is still lovin' her bunnies. She asked me to take this picture of her with a few she had tucked into her little box.

I guess she is making a "bunny face" too?
Not too sure.

Here's a picture of my little chunklette.

Did you know that she is 8 months old? As this blog also serves as my "scrapbook" of sorts I'll list out a few of her current talents:
  • She has 2 teeth.
  • She sits up and crawls... everywhere.
  • She is trying to stand up while holding on the edge of things (and has succeeded a few times), but usually gets "stuck."
  • She loves to get into the dog food.
  • She does not love baby food as much as she loves dog food...but we are working on it.
  • She has lots of hair still... and it is sweet and soft... and has a few random sprigs that resemble a comb over... but she's cute enough to rock the comb over.
  • She used to sleep through the night, but lately she has been waking up at 4:30/5:00 (which explains the bags under my eyes!). She is still sleeping in a packnplay in our room (which is probably why we have not let her "cry it out" as we might be more inclined to do if she were in another room!).
  • She naps twice a day but her naps are often in the car... ah, the life of a 3rd child who is carted around and has to sleep on the go.
  • She smiles all the time and lights up when someone pays attention to her.
  • She loves her brother and sister.
  • She does not take a bottle, which is going to be a big problem in a few weeks when I have to go out of town for work. Not to mention the fact that although I love nursing...It would be nice if she wasn't solely reliant upon "the girls." *sigh*
  • She's awesome.

I hope everyone has a great Monday!
Maranda (A.K.A. The Uber Needy Blogger)


  1. You are too cute! and so are your children! I know charli will love seeing these reminders of what she was like when she was little! keep up the good blogging!

  2. I love reading the blogs! It's a great way to keep up with you in between the times that we talk. Keep it up!:)
    What does Abi want to buy with her $?

  3. i'm so offended.

    i love sassy's face with the bunnies...does the bunny box look like a touch like a coffin? lined with satin...? or is it just me?

  4. heh heh... bunny coffin eh? Perhaps... It is actually the suitcase for one of her dolls. I swear that doll has more cute clothes than I do.

    Tiff... she thought your suggestion of candy was a great idea! :) She put it in her piggy bank though... she might purchase an ebook with it... there is one that she has been wanting to get.