Friday, September 23, 2011

'Fess up Friday

You can't leave them alone for 5 minutes...

Yes... I think he ate it.

It gives me the pee shivers.

I wish I had a picture of the tub after the bath.

Uber gross.



I snapped this picture of Brent and two of his girls.
I love the look Chilli is giving Lola.

Bless. Lola needs a new home, a bath and haircut so badly.

My discipleship group has been reading Linda Dillow's book, What's it like to be Married to Me?: And other Dangerous Questions.

It is convicting my butt off.

I guess I have gotten so lost in Mommyland that don't even realize how out of whack my priorities have been. I have been treating my husband a lot more like a roommate and a co-worker than my beloved and friend.

"His mouth is full of sweetness and he is wholly desirable
This is my beloved and this is my friend"
Song of Solomon 5:16

Chapter two is titled, "What's it like to be my husband?" Now that is a dangerous question.

Have a good weekend my bloggy peeps...

If you feel compelled to comment, please do so on my blog directly if you can... although your posts on Facebook make me warm and fuzzy, seeing comments on my blog kinda makes me feel legit. ;)



  1. ACK. I got the pee-pee shivers from reading the title of that book, because I know it would convict my butt off too. YIKES.

    I read another book by Linda Dillow a really long time ago called 21 questions Christian women ask about sex (I got married really young and I never got 'the talk') and it was good. I'm very intrigued by this one because God's been working on me in this area for a while now. It's not fun, but the fruit... the fruit is sweet.

    Thanks for challenging me this morning, and thank you for always linking up with me. It makes my day.

  2. I'm so glad Abi is standing in a mud pie. At my house she would more likely be standing in a doggie-pie:)