Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Free Food

Holla people!!

Guess who won the weekly mega deals drawing at Sonic?!


I am the proud winner of a $25 Sonic gift card. That should last me at least a month... a week... a couple of days!

Brent was home from work today and we had a blast as a family. His mom, sister and grandparents came over for a visit and the kids were thrilled to see them... and not just because they came bearing gifts, which they did.

Seriously, you have never met a more generous bunch of people than my hub's family. They are so sweet and giving and loving.

I honestly have the best inlaws ever.

After nap time we played at a local park (fortunately it was a spray/water park because it is still dang hot in these parts).

After the park, Brent and I made the bold decision to conduct a mystery shop...

...with the kids.

What is a mystery shop you ask?

Let me share.

A mystery shop is when you sign up through consumer market research company to dine at a specific restaurant and conduct a post visit survey about your experience. If you comply to all their rules regarding the shop and complete your survey in the allotted time frame, they reimburse you up to a certain amount for your meal.

Sounds easy right?

Well, it actually is pretty easy...

But it is also a pain.

And it is not recommended to conduct these with kids, because you have to take note of a lot of details and kids are not conducive to detail noting.

In fact, they are quite distracting.

We usually conduct mystery shops when we are desperate to eat out and have no money left in our eat out/Dave Ramsey budget.

Tonight was such a night.

Also, I didn't feel like cooking it was a Tuesday.

Anywho... we muddled through the mystery shop and I took notes of the all the staff's personal details... name, height, age, gender, hair length, eye color, blood type, social security number, etc...

But wouldn't you know it...

All three of my kids pooped!!

I had to change two diapers and give an assist to the potty trained one...

All while trying to notice if "the dining room was tidy and free of any debris" and if "the manager was actively engaged with customers and the general running of the restaurant".

On a positive note, there is a section on the survey regarding the bathroom cleanliness and I totally had that section covered.

Granted, we probably downgraded their "fresh smelling" rating due to the poop.

Oh well... When you gotta go, you gotta go.

I apologize... I have gotten rather crude with this post. I hope I haven't offended anyone!

Anyway, I'm apparently all about the free food this week.

I did mention that I am the weekly Sonic gift card winner, did I not!?

Holla people! Holla.


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  1. 1) May I ask how you won this?
    2) How can i win?
    3) Wanna go to Sonic tomorrow? (and yes, i am implying you pay with your gift card) holla!?