Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gun totin'

Oh, I am such a bad blogger lately.

So inconsistent.

In my defense, I have been busy.

We were away all weekend and then on Monday we had Sassy's 4th birthday party.

It takes me a while to recover from such shenanigans.

Plus, I am not much of a birthday party person.

I blame my mother.

She is a self-professed children's-birthday-party-hater.

My most memorable birthday party as a child was at a McDonald's.

I'm pretty sure she found out that they had a "party package" and signed me up so that she didn't have to plan and facilitate the party.

She left that in the able hands of McDonald's minimum-wage employees.

I am quite sure they don't do parties at McDonald's this way any more, but "back in the day," a kid's party consisted of taking a behind the scenes tour of Mickey D's (something that would probably make me barf today). We got to see how they made all the typical fast food fare... ice cream cones, cheeseburgers, etc... and when they finished showing us the completed product they would give the food item to one of the lucky party-goers.

I think I just McVommited in my mouth a little bit.

Anyway, as I mentioned... mom was not a big fan of kids parties... I think the self-entitled nature of birthdays coupled with self-absorbed children just sent her over the edge. So, even though it was my birthday, my mom made sure that I let all the other kids get something from the kitchen tour first... because they were "my guests" and we always let our guests go first.

So, I politely stood back letting my friends get the french fries, the chicken nuggets, and of course the coveted milk shake.

Finally, we arrived at the last station on the tour... I could hardly wait for my fast food "delight".

At long last, they showed us how they made...

Wait for it...

The McFishwich.

No joke.

I got the McFishwich.

Happy Birthday to me.

I have probably made my mom feel terrible by telling this story, so please let me assure you that I did not have a deprived childhood in any way. In fact, I certainly received more than I ever deserved from my parents.

In fact, I still do.

Please forgive me mom! I love you and promise I am not scarred... at least not too much.

Anyway, back to Sassy's party!

I sorta inherited the party planning hatred from my mom, so the whole thing felt a bit overwhelming even though it was just a glorified play date with cupcakes, but I think it went well.

Plus, there were no McFishwiches.

My delightful friend 'licious took some pictures so I'll post those later.

I say this like I am a postin' fool who updates this blog every day or so...

We know this not to be true.

Anyway, I have already rambled too long to get to some of the stuff I actually intended to post about, but I will leave you with this...

As I mentioned, we were away this weekend. A portion of our time was spent at a fundraiser that included a clay pigeon shooting tournament.

I did not shoot any pigeons... clay or otherwise.

However, my husband and his buddies did.

Clay pigeons that is.

Anyway, it was a very manly place so I was quite surprised to stumble upon a row of jogging strollers in the main facility.

I was excited because I had Chilli with me and was thrilled with the prospect of putting her in one and strolling around a bit near the lodge.

But when I pulled it out, I saw that the stroller had been hijacked!

Seriously... do you see this?! Some man took it and turned it into a GUN stroller!!

It is a rolling gun rack!!



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  1. But i love Mcfishwiches.....