Sunday, August 7, 2011

Apple Jacks and Tiny Hinies

You do know that we have 3 children, right?

I feel like lately I have only blogged about Sassy and Jenkie and yet, there is this perfectly precious other little person in my life who I love dearly.

It's just that with all the antics from the others...

 The Apple Jacks Catastrophe of 2011

And the running episode of "What not to Wear" that occurs daily at our home...

This sweet little dumplin' of love often gets left out.
Oh how I love her.

Did you know that she is starting to crawl?

Please pray for me.

We had a nice weekend. My Dad was in town from Texas for a few days so we hung out with him. In fact, one day we loaded car seats into his van and went to lunch and ran some errands. The person with the smallest hiney got the privilege of squeezing in between the two car seats in the back row.

And the winner was...
Not me!
Did I mention that I have three kids? A three-kid-bearing-mommy-hiney is not a likely fit in that space.

My sister Marissa was the winner.
Bless her.

Marissa is not the only one to ever have to share a row with my kids. A few weeks ago, Jenkie and Sassy went to the Beach with Grammy and Stacey. This time, Missy was the big winner.

I made Jello Jigglers with Sassy this weekend. We had fun and she was in rare form... making some uber weird faces.

We started out okay though.
Awww... isn't she cute?

Now here is where it starts to get weird.

I mean... that doesn't even look like my child?
Does it?
She has been more and more silly lately.

Which honestly, I love.

I am pretty insecure and easily embarrassed and it just seems like she has an independent, free spirit that isn't too concerned about the opinions of others. I wish I was more like her in that respect.

My prayer is that she would maintain this perspective, not worrying about what others think of her and certainly not letting others define her.

Proverbs 29:25
The fear of man lays a snare,but whoever trusts in the LORD is safe.

I hope she does care about God's opinion of her through.
You know why?
Because I think He loves her to pieces.

To close things out I will leave you with Sassy's fashion montage from this evening.

Here we find Sassy sporting one of "mommy's" shirts that Sassy is convinced looks just like Fiona's dress in Shrek.

My favorite part is the look that Chilli C is giving Sassy! And Poor Jenkie looks like he is worried there is going to be a throw down!

Nighty night my Bloggy Friends,

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  1. Your kids are a crack up and the way you write about them really lets it shine. Love the tiny hiney contest winner! Heehee